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    • Truck drivers’ perceptions on wearable devices and health promotion: a qualitative study 

      Greenfield, Rama; Busink, Ellen; Wong, Cybele P.; Riboli-Sasco, Eva; Greenfield, Geva; Majeed, Azeem; Car, Josip; Wark, Petra A. (2016)
      Background: Professional truck drivers, as other shift workers, have been identified as a high-risk group for various health conditions including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, sleep apnoea and stress. Mobile ...
    • The true meaning of Bali 

      Kumar Ramakrishna (2002)
    • Trump and Modi: Seeking a Global Partnership? 

      Ladwig III, Walter C; Anit Mukherjee (2017)
      The visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Washington DC provides an opportunity for the US and India to set aside some of the uncertainties that have set into the relationship. President Trump and Prime Minister Modi must ...
    • Trump and Southeast Asia : Portents of transactional diplomacy 

      Chong, Alan (2017)
      In the wake of three Southeast Asian prime ministers’ visits to the Trump White House, a new pattern of diplomatic communication appears to be taking shape – transactional diplomacy.
    • Trump and Southeast Asia: US Should Pivot to ASEAN 

      Chua, Daniel Wei Boon (2017)
      The Donald Trump administration should establish a Comprehensive Partnership with Brunei, followed by Cambodia and Myanmar to strengthen and broaden the reach of bilateral strategic relations with ASEAN member countries.
    • Trump in Asia: Free Trade Under Threat? 

      Aédán Mordecai (2017)
      ‘America First’ has been the prevailing tagline guiding Trump’s trade policy. As he returns from his recent extended tour of Asia, what is the outlook for US-Asia trade?
    • Trump in Southeast Asia: Opportunity to bolster US-ASEAN economic ties ? 

      Pitakdumrongkit, Kaewkamol Karen (2017)
      President Trump will attend the APEC Summit in Vietnam and celebrate the anniversaries of ASEAN and US-ASEAN Relations in the Philippines. Washington should seize this opportunity to seriously shape its post-TPP economic ...
    • A Trump Presidency: Valuable Lesson and Opportunity for ASEAN 

      Sa, Harry (2016)
      Donald Trump’s election victory left Southeast Asia feeling uncertain about the future. Rhetoric from his campaign trail suggests a future of isolationism and protectionism. ASEAN states, which have long depended on the ...
    • Trump's Asia Visit: New Momentum in US-Asia Ties? 

      Liow, Joseph Chinyong (2017)
      President Donald Trump’s recent visit to East Asia did not accomplish much on security issues nor regional free trade. But it suggests a new momentum in US engagement in the Indo-Pacific region.
    • Trump, Madonna and Faith: The Role of Religious Leaders in Common Space 

      Hedges, Paul (2016)
      Both the Pope and Singaporean Catholic Archbishop have recently made statements which show the inter-relationship of religious ethical debate and political and social commentary in common space. The traditional secular-religious ...
    • Trump, The Perfect Enemy 

      Gunaratna, Rohan (2016)
      The apocalyptic vision of Muslim terrorists and extremists has come true with the victory of Donald Trump as the next US president. They jubilantly hail this as the "end of America!"
    • Trump-Kim Summit 2018 : Russia’s Cautious Response 

      Cheang, Chris (2018)
      Russia’s relatively cautious reaction to the Singapore Summit’s outcome suggests that it seeks a role in the denuclearisation efforts of the Korean Peninsula.
    • Trump-Kim Summit : A Tale of Two Endings 

      Chong, Alan; Ong-Webb, Graham (2018)
      The Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore both raised high hopes amongst public opinion as well provided familiar fodder for critics of Trump’s foreign policy. The Summit should be regarded as a proverbial fork in the foggy road ...
    • Trump-Kim Summit : The Failure of American Leadership? 

      Bhubhindar Singh (2018)
      The impact of the Trump-Kim summit on American leadership in Northeast/East Asia is, at best, mixed. While the summit may have strengthened America’s leverage in the Korean Peninsula, it failed to reassure its Northeast ...
    • Trump-Kim Summit : The Razzmatazz of Public Diplomacy 

      Chong, Alan (2018)
      The Trump-Kim Summit of 12 June 2018 in Singapore is not to be remembered solely for its diplomatic significance. Thanks to today’s image-making culture and the cult of social media, the summit was equally about making ...
    • Trump-Kim Summit II : Challenges of Nuclear Issues to Regional Peace 

      Desker, Barry (2019)
      As President Trump and Chairman Kim converge in Hanoi for their second summit, the key question is whether this will lead to any real breakthrough.
    • Trump-Kim summit – S. Rajaratnam and Singapore’s role 

      Chong, Alan; Ong-Webb, Graham (2018)
      Hosting the Trump-Kim Summit is entirely consistent with the vision of Singapore’s first foreign minister – S. Rajaratnam. Yet, it is not enough that Singapore is trusted and neutral. Singapore must have the capacity and ...
    • Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit : So Who Gained? 

      Cheang, Chris (2018)
      The recent Helsinki meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin will be recorded in history as the commencement of a long process of stabilisation and normalisation of US-Russia relations, which hitherto have been described ...
    • Trumpism, Immigration and Globalisation 

      Kaur, Arunajeet (2018)
      President Donald Trump has intensified a debate about US national identity and American attitude towards migration since taking office a year ago. Trump’s first State of Union Address in January continues to reiterate ...