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    • Ab initio optical study of graphene on hexagonal boron nitride and fluorographene substrates 

      Lin, Xiao; Xu, Yang; Hakro, Ayaz Ali; Hasan, Tawfique; Hao, Ran; Zhang, Baile; Chen, Hongsheng (2013)
      The fascinating optical properties of graphene are usually concluded in theory under the assumption that graphene is freestanding. However, in experimentally realizable devices, graphene is usually supported by a substrate, ...
    • Ab initio simulation of electronic and mechanical properties of aluminium for fatigue early feature investigation 

      Zhang, Shuai; Tan, Cher Ming; Cheng, Shuguang; Deng, Tianqi; He, Feifei; Su, Haibin (2014)
      Fatigue crack initiation and propagation are the central issues for understanding fatigue behaviours, and early detection of fatigue will be useful in industry before cartographic events occur. It has been found that surface ...
    • Ab initio study of electronic and optical behavior of two-dimensional silicon carbide 

      Lin, Xiao; Lin, Shisheng; Xu, Yang; Hakro, Ayaz Ali; Hasan, Tawfique; Zhang, Baile; Yu, Bin; Luo, Jikui; Li, Erping; Chen, Hongsheng (2013)
      Two-dimensional graphene-like silicon carbide (2d-SiC) has emerged as an intriguing new class of layered nanostructure. Using density functional theory, key electronic and optical properties of 2d-SiC nanosheets, in ...
    • Ab initio variational transition state theory and master equation study of the reaction (OH)3SiOCH2 + CH3 ⇌ (OH)3SiOC2H5 

      Nurkowski, Daniel; Klippenstein, Stephen J.; Georgievskii, Yuri; Verdicchio, Marco; Jasper, Ahren W.; Akroyd, Jethro; Mosbach, Sebastian; Kraft, Markus (2015)
      In this paper we use variable reaction coordinate variational transition state theory (VRC-TST) to calculate the reaction rate constants for the two reactions, R1: (OH)3SiOCH2 + CH3 ⇌ (OH)3SiOC2H5, and R2: CH2OH + CH3 ⇌ C2H5OH. ...
    • Ab-initio study of donor-acceptor codoping for n-type CuO 

      Peng, Yuan; Zheng, Jianwei; Wu, Ping; Wang, Junling (2014)
      Single n-type dopant in CuO has either a deep donor level or limited solubility, inefficient in generating free electrons. We have performed ab-initio study of the donor-acceptor codoping to obtain n-type CuO. Our results ...
    • ABC transporter-dependent brain uptake of the 5-HT1B receptor radioligand [11C]AZ10419369 : a comparative PET study in mouse, rat, and guinea pig 

      Tóth, Miklós; Häggkvist, Jenny; Varrone, Andrea; Finnema, Sjoerd J; Doorduin, Janine; Tokunaga, Masaki; Higuchi, Makoto; Gulyás, Balázs; Halldin, Christer (2014)
      Background We have explored the possibility that the serotonin 1B receptor radioligand [11C]AZ10419369 is a substrate for adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-binding cassette (ABC) transporters, such as P-glycoprotein (P-gp), ...
    • ABC transporters, neural stem cells and neurogenesis : a different perspective 

      Lin, Tingting; Omedul Islam; Heese, Klaus (2006)
      Stem cells intrigue. They have the ability to divide exponentially, recreate the stem cell compartment, as well as create differentiated cells to generate tissues. Therefore, they should be natural candidates to provide a ...
    • Abc3-mediated efflux of an endogenous digoxin-like steroidal glycoside by magnaporthe oryzae is necessary for host invasion during blast disease 

      Patkar, Rajesh N.; Xue, Yang Kui.; Shui, Guanghou.; Wenk, Markus R.; Naqvi, Naweed Issak. (2012)
      Magnaporthe oryzae, which causes the devastating rice-blast disease, invades its host plants via a specialized infection structure called the appressorium. Previously, we showed that the ATP-Binding Cassette 3 transporter ...
    • The abduction of Libya’s prime minister : militias run rampant 

      Ahmed Salah Hashim (2013)
      On 10 October, 2013, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was briefly abducted by one of Libya’s numerous militia groups but was released unharmed hours later. His abduction may have more to do with the peculiar dynamics of ...
    • Abdullah Azzam : would he have endorsed 9/11? 

      Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh (2009)
      According to Al Qaeda, attacking Westerners, such as in the case of September 11, is theologically permissible. However, a study shows this view being contradicted by primary sources that belong to Abdullah Azzam, the ...
    • Abe Doctrine: US-Japan Alliance, International Law and ASEAN 

      Singh, Bhubhindar (2014)
      Japan PM Shinzo Abe’s speech in Singapore highlighted three key principles for its foreign policy - uphold intenational law, strengthen US-Japan security relations and enhance relations with ASEAN. They signal Japan’s ...
    • Abe's call to stand up to China : at what cost? 

      Ho, Benjamin (2014)
      Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a siren call at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos that the world must stand up to an increasingly assertive China. Will this resonate with the broader international community, ...
    • Abe's defence policy : leveraging the 'senkaku effect'? 

      Euan, Graham (2013)
      Since returning to power Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made defence central to his policy platform. To what extend does this mark a new departure for Japan, and how significant are current tensions with China as a driver?
    • Abe's first overseas trip : why Southeast Asia? 

      Singh, Bhubhindar (2013)
      New Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will make his first official visit overseas to Southeast Asia instead of the United States. This trip highlights two main points: Japan's 'return" to the region and the rise of ...
    • Abe's India visit : raising the bar 

      Rupakiyoti Borah (2014)
      The upcoming visit of the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to India will take bilateral ties between Tokyo and New Delhi to a higher level. India ranks high in Abe’s priorities as Japan faces an aggressive China, while trying to ...
    • Abe's return : implications for India-Japan relations 

      Arpita Mathur (2013)
      The return of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to power in Japan amidst a plethora of domestic and regional challenges has raised doubts over whether his outlook towards India will be diluted. Despite these challenges, ther is ...
    • Abe's Russia visit : widening Japan's options? 

      Rupakiyoti Borah (2014)
      The recent visit of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Sochi for the Winter Olympics signalled some innovative diplomacy by Japan to reaffirm its position in the global geopolitical stakes. However, Japan-Russia ...
    • Abe's TPP strategy : overcoming domestic division through reform? 

      Robles, Theresa (2013)
      Abe's recent announcement of Japan's intention to join the TPP is seen not only as an important vehicle to expand trade and investment opportunities but also as a way to reposition the country as a major regional power.
    • Abelian codes in principal ideal group algebras 

      Jitman, Somphong; Ling, San; Liu, Hongwei; Xie, Xiaoli (2013)
      We study abelian codes in principal ideal group algebras (PIGAs). We first give an algebraic characterization of abelian codes in any group algebra and provide some general results. For abelian codes in a PIGA, which can ...
    • Abelian Manna model in three dimensions and below 

      Huynh, Hoai Nguyen.; Pruessner, Gunnar. (2012)
      The Abelian Manna model of self-organized criticality is studied on various three-dimensional and fractal lattices. The exponents for avalanche size, duration, and area distribution of the model are obtained by using a ...