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    • A biological micro actuator : graded and closed-loop control of insect leg motion by electrical stimulation of muscles 

      Cao, Feng; Zhang, Chao; Vo Doan, Tat Thang; Li, Yao; Sangi, Daniyal Haider; Koh, Jie Sheng; Huynh, Ngoc Anh; Aziz, Mohamed Fareez Bin; Choo, Hao Yu; Ikeda, Kazuo; Abbeel, Pieter; Maharbiz, Michel M.; Sato, Hirotaka (2014)
      In this study, a biological microactuator was demonstrated by closed-loop motion control of the front leg of an insect (Mecynorrhina torquata, beetle) via electrical stimulation of the leg muscles. The three antagonistic ...
    • Deciphering the Role of a Coleopteran Steering Muscle via Free Flight Stimulation 

      Sato, Hirotaka; Vo Doan, Tat Thang; Kolev, Svetoslav; Huynh, Ngoc Anh; Zhang, Chao; Massey, Travis L.; van Kleef, Joshua; Ikeda, Kazuo; Abbeel, Pieter; Maharbiz, Michel M. (2015)
      Testing hypotheses of neuromuscular function during locomotion ideally requires the ability to record cellular responses and to stimulate the cells being investigated to observe downstream behaviors [ 1 ]. The inability ...