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    • A subset of group A-like var genes encodes the malaria parasite ligands for binding to human brain endothelial cells 

      Claessens, Antoine; Adams, Yvonne; Ghumra, Ashfaq; Lindergard, Gabriella; Buchan, Caitlin C.; Andisi, Cheryl; Bull, Peter C.; Mok, Sachel; Gupta, Archna P.; Wang, Christian W.; Turner, Louise; Arman, Mònica; Raza, Ahmed; Bozdech, Zbynek; Rowe, J. Alexandra (2012)
      Cerebral malaria is the most deadly manifestation of infection with Plasmodium falciparum. The pathology of cerebral malaria is characterized by the accumulation of infected erythrocytes (IEs) in the microvasculature of ...