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    • Impaired processing of facial happiness, with or without awareness, in developmental prosopagnosia 

      Burns, Edwin James; Martin, Joel; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan; Xu, Hong (2017)
      Developmental prosopagnosia (DP) is associated with severe, lifelong deficits in face recognition, with such cases often cited as support for a dissociation between the processing of facial identity and emotion. Here we ...
    • Intact word processing in developmental prosopagnosia 

      Burns, Edwin James; Bennetts, Rachel J.; Bate, Sarah; Wright, Victoria C.; Weidemann, Christoph T.; Tree, Jeremy J. (2017)
      A wealth of evidence from behavioural, neuropsychological and neuroimaging research supports the view that face recognition is reliant upon a domain-specific network that does not process words. In contrast, the recent ...