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    • HER2 amplification and clinicopathological characteristics in a large Asian cohort of rare mucinous ovarian cancer 

      Chay, Wen-Yee; Chew, Sung-Hock; Ong, Whee-Sze; Busmanis, Inny; Li, Xinyun; Thung, Sharyl; Ngo, Lynette; Lim, Sheow-Lei; Lim, Yong-Kuei; Chia, Yin-Nin; Koh, Elisa; Pang, Cindy; Soh, Lay-Tin; Wang, Jin; Ho, Tew-Hong; Tay, Sun-Kuie; Lim-Tan, Soo-Kim; Lim, Kiat-Hon; Chia, John Whay-Kuang; Goh, Liang-Kee (2013)
      Mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer has a poor prognosis in the advanced stages and responds poorly to conventional chemotherapy. We aim to elucidate the clinicopathological factors and incidence of HER2 expression of this ...