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    • Optimal Classical Simulation of State-Independent Quantum Contextuality 

      Cabello, Adán; Gu, Mile; Gühne, Otfried; Xu, Zhen-Peng (2018)
      Simulating quantum contextuality with classical systems requires memory. A fundamental yet open question is what is the minimum memory needed and, therefore, the precise sense in which quantum systems outperform classical ...
    • Thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theory 

      Cabello, Adán; Gu, Mile; Gühne, Otfried; Larsson, Jan-Åke; Wiesner, Karoline (2016)
      The interpretation of quantum theory is one of the longest-standing debates in physics. Type I interpretations see quantum probabilities as determined by intrinsic properties of the observed system. Type II see them as ...