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    • Heating efficiency dependency on size and morphology of magnetite nanoparticles 

      Parekh, Kinnari; Parmar, Harshida; Sharma, Vinay; Ramanujan, Raju V. (2018)
      Different size magnetite nanoparticles ranging from superparamagnetic (9 nm) to single domain (27 nm) and multi domain (53 nm) were synthesized using chemical route. Morphology of these particles as seen from TEM images ...
    • Study of magnetofluidic laser scattering under rotating magnetic field 

      Pai, Chintamani; Shalini, M.; Varma, Vijaykumar Babulalji; Radha, S.; Nagarajan, R.; Ramanujan, Raju V. (2018)
      Magnetic field driven self-assembly of magnetic nanoparticles provides wireless programmable approach for tunable magnetofluidic laser scattering. In this work, we study magnetofluidic laser scattering from a commercial ...