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    • Human natural killer cells control Plasmodium falciparum infection by eliminating infected red blood cells 

      Chen, Qingfeng; Amaladoss, Anburaj; Ye, Weijian; Liu, Min; Dummler, Sara; Kong, Fang; Wong, Lan Hiong; Loo, Hooi Linn; Loh, Eva; Tan, Shu Qi; Tan, Thiam Chye; Chang, Kenneth T. E.; Dao, Ming; Suresh, Subra; Preiser, Peter R.; Chen, Jianzhu (2014)
      Immunodeficient mouse–human chimeras provide a powerful approach to study host-specific pathogens, such as Plasmodium falciparum that causes human malaria. Supplementation of immunodeficient mice with human RBCs supports ...