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    • Comparison of HIV-1 genotypic resistance test interpretation systems in predicting virological outcomes over time 

      Frentz, Dineke; Boucher, Charles A. B.; Assel, Matthias; De Luca, Andrea; Fabbiani, Massimiliano; Incardona, Francesca; Libin, Pieter; Manca, Nino; Müller, Viktor; Nuallain, Breanndan O.; Paredes, Roger; Prosperi, Mattia C. F.; Quiros-Roldan, Eugenia; Ruiz, Lidia; Sloot, Peter M. A.; Torti, Carlo; Vandamme, Anne-Mieke; Van Laethem, Kristel; Zazzi, Maurizio; van de Vijver, David A. M. C. (2010)
      Several decision support systems have been developed to interpret HIV-1 drug resistance genotyping results. This study compares the ability of the most commonly used systems (ANRS, Rega, and Stanford's HIVdb) to predict ...