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    • Historical analogies in policy-making : Crimea, World War I and East Asia 

      Fook, Bernard Weng Loo (2014)
      From portraying the on-going Sino Japanese as a parallel to the lead-up to World War I, to the Crimean situation as a prelude to German annexation of the Sudetenland, policymakers have always used historical analogies. ...
    • Image matters : military effectiveness and SAF 

      Fook, Bernard Weng Loo (2011)
      The recent incident of the NSF and his maid carrying his backpack generated amusement in some quarters. However, this incident, not managed properly, might eventually undermine national confidence in the SAF.
    • The (over?) promise of modern technology 

      Fook, Bernard Weng Loo (2013)
      The tendency to seek technological solutions to strategic problems is a policy option that many states desire, but it is fraught with potential affordability questions. A new way to seek solutions to strategic problems ...
    • Reviewing military education in SAF 

      Fook, Bernard Weng Loo (2010)
      With the emergence of the so-called ‘strategic corporal’, the demands for military education in the SAF must surely heighten. All soldiers – across the entire organisation, need to be educated about the potential strategic ...