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    • An efficient UPF rectifier for a stand-alone wind energy conversion system 

      Venkataraman, Aditya; Maswood, Ali I.; Sarangan, Nirnaya; Gabriel, Ooi H. P. (2013)
      In this paper, a near-unity-power-factor front-end rectifier employing two current control methods, namely, average current control and hysteresis current control, is considered. This rectifier is interfaced with a fixed-pitch ...
    • High power multilevel inverter with unity PF front-end rectifier 

      Maswood, Ali I.; Gabriel, Ooi H. P.; Rahman, M. A. (2012)
      To achieve high efficiency of the power drive, a novel low cost and light weight front-end diode rectifier with bidirectional power switch is implemented to achieve unity power factor and low current harmonic distortion. ...