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    • Asia's food security conundrum 

      Paul S. Teng; J. Jackson Ewing; Margarita Escaler (2011)
      Feeding Asia’s growing population requires modern agriculture based on the latest science and technology. Asian countries should embrace modern farming techniques and invest in R&D to develop sustainable food production systems.
    • China as the world’s largest rice importer : regional implications 

      J. Jackson Ewing; Zhang, Hongzhou (2013)
      After decades of near self-sufficiency, China is becoming the world’s largest importer of rice. What does this mean for greater Asia?
    • Haze over Southeast Asia : battling transboundary pollution together 

      J. Jackson Ewing (2013)
      Transboundary haze originating from Indonesia is again polluting areas of Southeast Asia. Lamenting this situation and demonising Indonesia will do little to address the issue, however. More robust and pragmatic cooperation ...
    • US and Myanmar : need for rapprochement 

      J. Jackson Ewing; Kyaw, San Wai (2011)
      Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ground-breaking visit to Myanmar signals a shift in US attitude towards that country. Quicker rapprochement could benefit both countries as well as Southeast Asia.