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    • Embodiment in judgment and choice 

      Reimann, Martin; Feye, Wilko; Malter, Alan J.; Ackerman, Joshua M.; Castaño, Raquel; Garg, Nitika; Kreuzbauer, Robert; Labroo, Aparna A.; Lee, Angela Y.; Morrin, Maureen; Nenkov, Gergana Y.; Nielsen, Jesper H.; Perez, Maria; Pol, Gratiana; Rosa, José Antonio; Yoon, Carolyn; Zhong, Chen-Bo (2012)
      This article discusses the role of embodiment in judgment and choice to (a) attain clarity on conceptual and methodological issues by presenting a literature review of prior empirical research on embodiment, (b) gain an ...
    • Feeling disconnected from others : The effects of ambient darkness on hedonic choice 

      Huang, Irene Xun; Dong, Ping; Labroo, Aparna A. (2018)
      This research documents a novel effect of ambient lighting on consumer choice. We propose and find that ambient darkness (vs. brightness) can result in consumers feeling disconnected from others. As a result, consumers ...