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    • Efficient development of stable and highly functionalised peptides targeting the CK2α/CK2β protein–protein interaction 

      Iegre, Jessica; Brear, Paul; Baker, David J.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Atkinson, Eleanor L.; Sore, Hannah F.; O' Donovan, Daniel H.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Hyvönen, Marko; Spring, David R. (2019)
      The discovery of new Protein–Protein Interaction (PPI) modulators is currently limited by the difficulties associated with the design and synthesis of selective small molecule inhibitors. Peptides are a potential solution ...
    • Stapled peptides as a new technology to investigate protein–protein interactions in human platelets 

      Iegre, Jessica; Ahmed, Niaz S.; Gaynord, Josephine S.; Wu, Yuteng; Herlihy, Kara M.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Lopes-Pires, Maria E.; Jha, Rupam; Lau, Yu Heng; Sore, Hannah F.; Verma, Chandra; O' Donovan, Daniel H.; Pugh, Nicholas; Spring, David R. (2018)
      Platelets are blood cells with numerous crucial pathophysiological roles in hemostasis, cardiovascular thrombotic events and cancer metastasis. Platelet activation requires the engagement of intracellular signalling pathways ...