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    • Elastic Light Tunable Tissue Adhesive Dendrimers 

      Feng, Gao; Djordjevic, Ivan; Mogal, Vishal; O'Rorke, Richard; Pokholenko, Oleksandr; Steele, Terry W. J. (2016)
      Development of bioadhesive formulations for tissue fixation remains a challenge. The major drawbacks of available bioadhesives are low adhesion strength, toxic byproducts, and complexity of application onto affected tissues. ...
    • Self-assembled photoadditives in polyester films allow stop and go chemical release 

      Cheng, Ting; O'Rorke, Richard; Ortiz, Raphael Francois; Yan, Tay Yee; Hemmer, Eva; Vetrone, Fiorenzo; Marks, Robert S.; Steele, Terry W. J. (2017)
      Near-infrared (NIR) triggered chemical delivery allows on-demand release with the advantage of external tissue stimulation. Bioresorbable polyester poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) was compounded with photoadditives of neat zinc ...