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    • Dimensional crossover in the quasi-one-dimensional superconductor TI2Mo6Se6 

      Mitra, S.; Petrović, Alexander Paul; Salloum, D.; Gougeon, P.; Potel, M.; Zhu, Jian-Xin; Panagopoulos, Christos; Chia, Elbert Ee Min (2018)
      We present magnetic penetration depth and electrical transport data in single crystals of quasi-one-dimensional (q1D) Tl2Mo6Se6, which reveal a 1D→3D superconducting dimensional crossover. The c-axis penetration depth shows ...
    • A disorder-enhanced quasi-one-dimensional superconductor 

      Petrović, Alexander Paul; Ansermet, Diane; Chernyshov, D.; Hoesch, M.; Salloum, D.; Gougeon, P.; Potel, M.; Boeri, L.; Panagopoulos, Christos (2016)
      A powerful approach to analysing quantum systems with dimensionality d>1 involves adding a weak coupling to an array of one-dimensional (1D) chains. The resultant quasi-1D (q1D) systems can exhibit long-range order at low ...