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    • Electronic structure of graphene– and BN–supported phosphorene 

      Davletshin, Artur R.; Ustiuzhanina, Svetlana V.; Kistanov, Andrey A.; Saadatmand, Danial; Dmitriev, Sergey V.; Zhou, Kun; Korznikova, Elena A. (2018)
      By using first–principles calculations, the effects of graphene and boron nitride (BN) substrates on the electronic properties of phosphorene are studied. Graphene–supported phosphorene is found to be metallic, while the ...
    • Mass transfer in the Frenkel-Kontorova chain initiated by molecule impact 

      Moradi Marjaneh, A.; Saadatmand, Danial; Evazzade, I.; Babicheva, Rita I.; Soboleva, E. G.; Srikanth, N.; Zhou, Kun; Korznikova, E. A.; Dmitriev, S. V. (2018)
      The Frenkel-Kontorova chain with a free end is used to study initiation and propagation of crowdions (antikinks) caused by impact of a molecule consisting of K atoms. It is found that molecules with 1<K<10 are more efficient ...