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    • Fabrication of three-dimensional plasmonic cavity by femtosecond laser-induced forward transfer 

      Chen, Wei Ting; Tseng, Ming Lun; Liao, Chun Yen; Wu, Pin Chieh; Sun, Shulin; Huang, Yao-Wei; Chang, Chia Min; Lu, Chung Hao; Zhou, Lei; Huang, Ding-Wei; Liu, Ai Qun; Tsai, Din Ping (2013)
      We fabricated a three-dimensional five-layered plasmonic resonant cavity by low-cost, efficient and high-throughput femtosecond laser-induced forward transfer (fs-LIFT) technique. The fabricated cavity was characterized ...
    • Polarization controlled colorful images reconstructed by reflective meta-hologram 

      Huang, Yao-Wei; Chen, Wei Ting; Yang, Kuang-Yu; Wang, Chih-Ming; Wu, Pin Chieh; Sun, Greg; Sun, Shulin; Zhou, Lei; Liu, Ai Qun; Tsai, Din Ping (2014)
      Holograms, the optical devices to reconstruct pre-designed images, have been evolved dramatically since the advances in today’s nanotechnology [1-4]. Metamaterials, the sub-wavelength artificial structures with tailored ...