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    • Non-invasive activation of optogenetic actuators 

      Birkner, Elisabeth; Berglund, Ken; Klein, Marguerita E.; Augustine, George J.; Hochgeschwender, Ute (2014)
      The manipulation of genetically targeted neurons with light (optogenetics) continues to provide unprecedented avenues into studying the function of the mammalian brain. However, potential translation into the clinical arena ...
    • Organometallic carbonyl clusters : a new class of contrast agents for photoacoustic cerebral vascular imaging 

      Kong, Kien Voon; Liao, Lun-De; Lam, Zhiyong; Thakor, Nitish V.; Leong, Weng Kee; Olivo, Malini (2014)
      We report, for the first time, the use of a water-soluble organometallic compound as a stable, reliable and high-contrast photoacoustic contrast agent. This gives a significantly higher contrast than that achievable with ...