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    • Boot-strapping a WordNet using multiple existing WordNets 

      Bond, Francis; Isahara, Hitoshi.; Kanzaki, Kyoko.; Uchimoto, Kiyotaka. (2008)
      In this paper we describe the construction of an illustrated Japanese Wordnet. We bootstrap the Wordnet using existing multiple existing wordnets in order to deal with the ambiguity inherent ...
    • Development of the Japanese WordNet 

      Isahara, Hitoshi.; Bond, Francis; Uchimoto, Kiyotaka.; Utiyama, Masao.; Kanzaki, Kyoko. (2008)
      After a long history of compilation of our own lexical resources, EDR Japanese/English Electronic Dictionary, and discussions with major players on development of various WordNets, Japanese National Institute of Information ...