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    • Abu Bakar Bashir resigns from the Indonesian Mujahidin Council: what now? 

      V. Arianti; Fatima Astuti (2008)
      The Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI) has decided to accept the resignation of Abu Bakar Bashir, their leader. Some argue MMI will be crippled as Bashir could draw away most of its members. Will we see increased radicalisation ...
    • Indonesia's counter radicalisation programme : challenges from the radicals 

      V. Arianti; Nur Irfani Saripi (2012)
      Indonesia is hailed as a country which has effectively used a hard approach to counter terrorism. But while terrorist organisations can be dismantled, eradicating terrorism is a different matter altogether.
    • Indonesian Jihadists and Syria : training ground? 

      V. Arianti (2013)
      Syria is becoming a “university for jihad education”, a term coined by Indonesian jihadist ideologue and leader of Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) Abu Bakar Baasyir, referring to Islamist foreign fighters who continue to flock ...
    • Indonesian terrorism financing : resorting to robberies 

      V. Arianti (2013)
      A record number of robberies have been perpetrated by terrorists in Indonesia over the past three years. This could be a sign of their inability to secure donations and international funding, the result of counter operations ...
    • Legacy of the Bali trio : a changing threat pattern from Jemaah Islamiyah 

      V. Arianti (2008)
      The trio responsible for Bali Bombing I have been executed. The Indonesian authorities have received threats to expect retaliation for the executions. Will the threats materialize? What are legacies of three bombers for ...
    • Significance of Abu Dujana and Zarkasih's verdict 

      Nurfarahislinda Mohamed Ismail; V. Arianti; Yang, Jennifer Hui (2009)
      The first ever Indonesian court ruling of convicts as terrorists and the branding of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) organisation as a "terrorist" one is examined in great detail in this paper. Beginning with the historical ...
    • The surprise verdict : the proscription of Jemaah Islamiyah 

      Nurfarahislinda Mohamed Ismail; V. Arianti; Yang, Jennifer Hui (2008)
      For the first time in history of counter-terrorism in Indonesia, a court has ruled Jemaag Islamiyah a "terrorist organisation". The verdict resulted from a change in legal tactics employed by prosecution. This development ...