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    • Leptospirosis among returned travelers : a GeoSentinel site survey and multicenter analysis—1997–2016 

      de Vries, Sophia G.; Visser, Benjamin J.; Stoney, Rhett J.; Wagenaar, Jiri F. P.; Bottieau, Emmanuel; Chen, Lin H.; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Wilson, Mary; Rapp, Christophe; Leder, Karin; Caumes, Eric; Schwartz, Eli; Hynes, Noreen A.; Goorhuis, Abraham; Esposito, Douglas H.; Hamer, Davidson H.; Grobusch, Martin P. (2018)
      Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal emerging zoonosis with worldwide distribution and a broad range of clinical presentations and exposure risks. It typically affects vulnerable populations in (sub)tropical countries but ...