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    • A review on the role of materials science in solar cells 

      Asim, Nilofar; Sopian, Kamaruzzaman; Ahmadi, Shideh; Saeedfar, Kasra; Alghoul, M. A.; Saadatian, Omidreza; Zaidi, Saleem H. (2012)
      The demand for energy of modern society is constantly increasing. The desire for environmental-friendly alternative energy resources with the least dependency on fossil fuels is growing. Solar energy is an important ...
    • The role of physical techniques on the preparation of photoanodes for dye sensitized solar cells 

      Ahmadi, Shideh; Asim, Nilofar; Alghoul, M. A.; Hammadi, F. Y.; Saeedfar, Kasra; Ludin, N. A.; Zaidi, Saleem H.; Sopian, K. (2014)
      Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have attracted numerous research, especially in the context of enhancing their efficiency and durability, due to the low-cost and environmentally friendly nature of photovoltaic (PV) ...