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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Realistic and expressive computer facial animationChan, Choong Seng.
22010Detection of story segments in news video footagesOctopios, Chowrichzy Wisdomy
32012Omnidirectional antenna for WLAN applicationPhoon, Clarence Jian Zhong.
42012Semantic matching of web servicesKyatham Suresh Indrajit.
52010Medical image analysis for eye diseaseLiang, Zi Yang.
62021Tactile-based control in robotic manipulationTay, Daryl
72009RF circuit and antenna optimization using space mapping techniqueAbdullah Rasmita
82010Secure fingerprint authenticationLim, Wen Jun.
92010Biologically-inspired spectrum sharing for cognitive radioLi, Guang Fu.
102014Design and optimization of hybrid wireless optical broadband access networkNguyen Ngoc, Son
112012An interactive projector camera system on iOS (iPhone) systemLin, Sujin.
122010A UHF omni-directional RFID tag antennaTan, Kevin Kaiwen.
132013Development of advanced GPON system with optical fault diagnostic functionalityTeo, Eugene Hua Yee.
142010MATLAB based speaker verification system ¨C generative modellingHong, William Guang Yu.
152021Machine learning approach to cardiac CT structure extractionWan, Zi Qing
162009Compact circularly polarized microstrip antennas for RFID reader applicationsBoo, Yan Shan.
172013Ocular disease diagnosis from retinal imagesZhang, Jielin
182012Bare-hand 3D drawingLau, Yan Ling.
192010Neural computation : theory and practice behind brainWang, Justin Chang Li.
202011Design and implementation of an efficient security protocol for wireless vehicle communicationsChen, Hongmei.
212011Vision-based motion imitation in robotsKazmi, Abbas.
222011Situation aware human robot interactionNg, Chong Soon.
232013Design and development of a secure monitoring systemGuo, Wei.
242017Hybrid brain computer interface for relaxation managementNgian, Michelle Mei Xue
252013iPad application development for breathing sensorLin, Huining.
262013Automated generation of semantic descriptions for data servicesWang, Mengran.
272011Cooperative spectrum sensing of cognitive radioTran, Nhu Hai.
282011Interrogation of the FBG vibration sensorYong, Yao Feng.
292013Cloud service analyticsKoo, Joel Chong En.
302013Asynchronous computing countermeasure against power analysis attack on modern cryptosystemsLeow, Ying Yan.
312022Remote control of drone and robot with 5G networksTan, Solomon Wei Jie
322018An advanced firewall rules matching algorithmElvira, Febiani
332017Secure data collection in telemonitoring autonomous vehicleWibowo, Marcellinus Hendro Adi
342012Corrosion inspection/detection for aircrafts using millimeter wave technologyNguyen, Ngoc Hai Bang.
352009Target interception by mobile robots in a wireless sensor networkLiu, Yan.
362016Automatic generation of keywords from imagesHo, Galvin Yuan Hao
372015Methodologies for personalized well-being assessment system using multi-modal sensorsXu, Minghan
382010Wireless location tracking in wireless sensor networksYang, Shiyi
392011Research and development of an automated robotic coffee MachineTan, Xin Wei.
402011Mobile and web application development for monitoring patientsKoh, ZhiQuan.
412009Biometric modals for visual surveillience applicationsWai, Mon Kyaw
422011Automated categorization of person by gender/ethnicityRaghuraman Katherayson
432012Development of an ensemble of extreme learning machines for 3D medical object segmentation and classificationTan, Zu Ming.
442010Development of surface-emitted Terahertz measurement applicationsLim, Jun Long.
4520103D mixed reality interactive interfacePan, Seng Tat
462010Transmission of multimedia content over wireless networks - part IIPang, Zhi Hao.
472011Channel measurement and planning for aerospace projectZhou, Shangfu.
482019GAN for object detection under rainy conditionsKalieperumal, Vikneswaran
492010Communication interface for bone-conducted soundsSuryani Simon Turtan.
502019Development of optical distance sensor with fast response timeLian, Melvin Yue Feng
Results 1-50 of 96 (Search time: 0.051 seconds).