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12020融贯新中 :以新加坡宗乡会馆联合总会《华汇》探析新加坡新移民的多重认同 = Integration and unification : an analysis on multiple identities of new immigrants in Singapore through “Oneness” magazine刘佳惠 Liu, Jia Hui
22020论新加坡中华总商会的国家认同(1906-1965)= National identity of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce (1906-1965)吴雨芳 Goh, Yu Fang
32020友联社主编对马华文艺和马华身份的影响 :以白垚为个案 = The influence of editors of the Union Cultural Organizational Limited towards Malaysian Chinese literature and identity : a case study of Bai Yao陈茗敏 Tan, Joyce Min Min
42019从香港电影《椰林月》和《马来亚之恋》 看1950年代新马华文教育的发展困境 = Adversities of the Chinese education development faced by Singapore and Malaysia during the 1950s : a study on Hong Kong Films “Moon Over Malaya” and “Malaya Love Affair”付瑶 Fu, Yao
52022台湾 BL 剧的男同建构与再现——以《HIStory 2: 越界》和 HIStory 3: 那一天》为例 = An analysis of the construction and representation of male homosexuality in Taiwanese Boy's love drama series— HIStory 2: Crossing the line and HIStory 3: Make our days count沈婧婷 Sim, Alyna Jing Ting
62022古典诗词中的“枕”意象 —以《花间集》为探讨中心 = The imagery of “Pillow” in classical Chinese poetry: focusing on Collection from Among the Flowers蓝靖仪 Lam, Nicole Jin Yee
72021必要之善与恶 :黄怡《林叶的四季》中的生态恐惧症、生物关爱与和谐共生 = Necessary good and evil : ecophobia, biophilia and harmonious coexistence in The Four Seasons of Lam Yip by Wong Yi孙靖斐 Seng, Jing Fei
82021中国移民的负面形象 :移民过程真实性与国家政治需求的探析 = Negative perceptions of the Chinese immigrants : an analysis of the process of immigration and the political needs of the country郭美辰 Quek, Genevieve Mei Chen
92021借影视作品看新加坡华人特权 :以梁志强的电影为例 = Analysis of Chinese privilege through films : a study of Jack Neo films陈芷欣 Tan, Judith Zi Hyn
102022改编与创新:从《白娘子永镇雷峰塔》到动画电影《白蛇:缘起》和《白蛇2:青蛇劫起》= Adaptation and re-creation: from “The White Maiden Locked for Eternity in the Leifeng Pagoda” to “White Snake: The Legend Begins” and “White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake” animation movies叶宣廷 Yip, Xuan Ting