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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Self-help, translation and the bestseller : a case study of resilience : hard-won wisdom for living a better lifeHu, Jingya
22021Studies on the translation effects of talk shows from the perspective of transcreation : a case study of The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah李爱玲 Li, Ai Ling
32021Transcreation : a polymathic approach to translationLim, Chyn-Yiing
42018The translation of community terms in Singaporean Chinese : a study based on the translations of Queyue Fanyou Zongshi Yu and Chang Duan Hechun YuanKoh, Yeow Chua
52020Translation, rewriting and reconstruction of image in Lee Kuan Yew : Hard Truths to Keep Singapore GoingChia, Wai Chun
62021Manipulation in biography translation : a case study of the peritextual elements of "Tall Order : The Goh Chok Tong Story"Kuek, Jinhua
72018A critical analysis of the translation of white tiger within the framework of manipulation theoryLiu, Minxuan
82021中国大陆文化软实力对台湾政治安全的影响 :以偶像养成类综艺选秀节目为案例分析 = The influence of mainland China’s cultural soft power on Taiwan's political security : a case study on idol survival variety programmes王凯义 Ong, Kai Yi
92018A study of the English versions of Lun Yu from the perspective of hermeneutics : taking the versions of Arthur Waley and Wu Guozhen as the examplesGeng, Bowen
102021Voices of sovereignty : self-translation in post-colonialism literatureTan, Qin Lin
112018Translation of cultural references in Singapore Chinese literature : a case study of Cong Qige dao YigeYuen, Kum Cheong
122020Chinese culture “Going Out” through translating Chinese culinary culture : a bite of China Ⅱ, a case studyHuang, Siqi
132021新加坡零翻译现象的产生、实践与影响 = A study on Singapore’s zero translation phenomenon王慧敏 Ong, Hui Min
142021从网络文学IP剧被翻拍的现象看中国大陆文化软实力的体现 = The reflection of China's soft power through the trend of remaking IP dramas余映萱 Ee, Ying Xuan
152021Translation strategies for game localization in relation to China's censorship mechanismPay, Sherlyn Pei Jie
162021Rewriting in translation : the case of the China Edition of Lee Kuan Yew Memoir From Third World to First Singapore Story 1965-2000Tan, Kelvin Thong Boon
172018Translation of culture-specific items in foreign publicity texts : a case study of a bite of China II episode 1 & 2Huang, Jingjing
182021新加坡式幽默翻译 :以新传媒5频道节目《绞索》为例 = Translating Singapore humour : a case study of mediacorp's "The Noose"杨惟姗 Yau, Jui Shan
192018The translator’s subjectivity in disseminating Chinese culture : a case study on the English translations of Cha JingZheng, Han
202021Explore translation strategies for Chinese culture-loaded words based on 阿拉伯地理典籍中的中国(China in the Eyes of Arabic Geographic Works)Gao, Hulong
212018Exploring the translator’s identity : a case study of Lu Xun’s translation of Xiandai Riben XiaoshuojiTeo, Wee Boon
222020翻译功能与译语文化 :以目的论来探析新加坡式英语译版的《小王子》= Translation function and target language : a study on Singlish translation “The Leeter Tunku” from the perspective of skopos theory林嘉欣 Lim, Jia Xin
232018Translation-based discourse analysis : a case study of the fourth communiqué on law-based governance by the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of ChinaLian, Hai Guang
242018Canonization of translated children’s literature : using bronze and sunflower as an exampleYeo, Shermaine Dawn Jia Ying
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