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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1 2018Process economics and operating strategy for the energy-efficient reverse osmosis (EERO) processChong, Tzyy Haur; Krantz, William B.
22019Interaction of copper phthalocyanine with nitrogen dioxide and ammonia investigation using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and chemiresistive gas measurementsChia, Sharon Liping; Du, Yong Hua; Palale, Suresh; Lee, Pooi See
32018Design, development and evaluation of nanofibrous composite membranes with opposing membrane wetting properties for extractive membrane bioreactorsLiao, Yuan; Goh, Shuwen; Tian, Miao; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony G.
4 2013Structural optimization and parametric study of offshore wind turbine jacket substructureTai, Kang; Muskulus, Michael; Zwick, Daniel; Ng, E. Y. K.; Chew, Kok Hon
52017Performance Assessment of the Radio Occultation Experiment for Commercial off-the-shelf Receivers on VELOX-CI MicrosatelliteLi, Bing-Xuan; Han, Bo; Lim, Wee Seng; Tsai, Yung-Fu; Low, Kay-Soon
62019Quantum scale biomimicry of low dimensional growth : an unusual complex amorphous precursor route to TiO2 band confinement by shape adaptive biopolymer-like flexibility for energy applicationsChoi, Dahyun; Sonkaria, Sanjiv; Fox, Stephen John; Poudel, Shivraj; Kim, Sung-yong; Kang, Suhee; Kim, Seheon; Verma, Chandra; Ahn, Sung Hoon; Lee, Caroline Sunyong; Khare, Varsha
72018Review of machine learning applications in powder bed fusion technology for part productionHuang, De Jun; Li, Hua
8 2018Ultra-thin GaAs double-junction solar cell with carbon-doped emitterRen, Zekun; Thway, Maung; Liu, Zhe; Wang, Yue; Ke, Cangming; Yaung, Kevin Nay; Wang, Bing; Tan, Chuan Seng; Lin, Fen; Aberle, Armin Gerhad; Buonassisi, Tonio; Peters, Ian Marius
9 2018Carbon nanotube based Faraday's cage for RF circuit packagingTan, Dunlin; Yu, Jong Jen; Lim, Hock Siong; Baillargeat, Dominique; Hee, David; Eudeline, Philippe; Tay, Beng Kang
102017Optoelectronics of inverted type-I CdS/CdSe core/crown quantum ringBose, Sumanta; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Dao Hua