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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Locust Wrath: an iOS audience participatory auditory displayLindborg, PerMagnus; Liu, David Yuning
22016Cross-linguistic categorization of throwing events: A behavioral approachWang, Haoshu; Gao, Helena Hong
32017Fiber optic probe for region of interest (ROI) selective time averaged multi-fluorescence imagingShinde, Anant; Perinchery, Sandeep Menon; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
42017Effect of monomer diffusion on photoinduced shrinkage in photopolymer layers determined by Electronic speckle pattern interferometryMoothanchery, Mohesh; Pramanik, Manojit; Toal, Vincent; Naydenova, Izabela
52017Evaluation of the optimal steepest ascent algorithm for focusing light through turbid mediaVerma, Manish; Liu, Quan
62018The United States and the rise, fall and future prospects of the (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for) Trans-Pacific PartnershipJi, Xianbai; Rana, Pradumna Bickram
72018Disassembly and trimer formation of E2 protein cage : the effects of C-terminus, salt, and protonation stateLee, Hwankyu; Lim, Sierin
82016Carrier dynamics in low-dimensional perovskitesLi, Mingjie; Bhaumik, Saikat; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Mathews, Nripan; Sum, Tze Chien
92018Plasmonic extra-ordinary transmission : testing the maintenance of optical frequency and phase via a frequency combKim, Young-Jin; Chun, Byung Jae; Kim, Seungchul
102017PICASSO : exploratory search of connected subgraph substructures in graph databasesBhowmick, Sourav Saha; Huang, Kai; Zhou, Shuigeng; Choi, Byron