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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1 2007Guilt, shame, & identity : a cultural perspectiveBedford, Olwen Anna
2 2007Globalisation and the emergence of non-traditional employment in SingaporeChew, Rosalind Seow Lung; Chew, Soon Beng
3 2017The eunuch archive : colonial records of non-normative gender and sexuality in IndiaHinchy, Jessica
4 2014Special issue on sound art and interactivity in Singapore : SI13 and MoreLindborg, PerMagnus
5 2019Revolusi, diplomasi, diaspora : Indonesia, Tiongkok, dan etnik Tionghoa, 1945-1967Zhou, Taomo
6 2020Fiscal sustainability challenge and the importance of primary healthcareLuk, Sabrina Ching Yuen
7 2019Does non-hard-sell content really work? Leveraging the value of branded content marketing in brand buildingLou, Chen; Xie, Quan; Feng, Yang; Kim, Wonkyung.
8 2011“Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls: postmodern complicity and the economics of Thatcherism.”Jernigan, Daniel Keith
9 2017Linear A and Minoan : some new old questionsPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
10 2013Hemispheric lateralization for early auditory processing of lexical tones : dependence on pitch level and pitch contourWang, Xiao-Dong; Wang, Ming; Chen, Lin
11 2012What are centered worlds?Liao, Shen-yi.
12 2009Proposing a 6+3 model for developing information literacy standards for schools : a case for SingaporeFoo, Schubert; Theng, Yin-Leng; Mokhtar, Intan Azura; Majid, Shaheen; Luyt, Brendan; Chang, Yun-Ke
13 2018Universal neural basis of structure building evidenced by network modulations emerging from Broca's area : the case of ChineseWu, Chiao-Yi; Zaccarella, Emiliano; Friederici, Angela D.
14 2013Stepping out of the magic circle : regulation of play/life boundary in MMO-mediated romantic relationshipHuynh, Kim-Phong; Lim, Si-Wei; Skoric, Marko M.
15 2015Agricultural transition and the adoption of primitive technologyAng, James B.
16 2012Cross-platform framing and cross-cultural adaptation : examining elephant conservation in ThailandLin, Trisha T. C.
17 2017Estimating heterogeneous agents behavior in a two-market financial systemChen, Zhenxi; Huang, Weihong; Zheng, Huanhuan
18 2017Statehood experience, legal traditions, and climate change policiesAng, James Bengjiunn; Fredriksson, Per G.
19 2015The effect of age on the relationship between stress, well-being and health in a Singaporean sampleArcher, Jo A.; Lim, Tony Z. M.; Teh, Hui Chian; Chang, Weining C.; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
20 2017The spiral of stereotyping : social identity theory and NFL quarterbacksFerrucci, Patrick; Tandoc, Edson C.
21 2012Extensive stimulus repetition leads older adults to show delayed functional magnetic resonance imaging adaptationMiyakoshi, Makoto; Matsuo, Kayako; Wu, Chiao-Yi; Suzuki, Atsunobu; Nakai, Toshiharu; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
22 2018Effects of combination of linguistic and musical pitch experience on subcortical pitch encodingMaggu, Akshay Raj; Wong, Patrick C. M.; Antoniou, Mark; Bones, Oliver; Liu, Hanjun; Wong, Francis C. K.
23 2015Living standards inequality between migrants and local residents in urban china-a quantile decompositionFang, Zheng; Sakellariou, Christos
24 2019Tactics of the 'ugly Australian' : morality, masculinity, nationalism and governance amid a cheating controversy in sportWade, Matthew
25 2012Chapter 5 : Assessing risk of bias as a domain of quality in medical test studiesSantaguida, P. Lina.; Riley, Crystal M.; Matchar, David B.
26 2012Life-cycle stock market participation in taxable and tax-deferred accountsZhou, Jie.
27 2012Designing and implementing an evaluation of a national work support programNg, Irene Y. H.; Ho, Kong Weng.; Nesamani, Tharmalingam.; Lee, Alex.; Liang, Ngiam Tee.
28 2012Corporate governance and FDIm : firm-level evidence from Japanese FDI into the USWang, Peiming; Alba, Joseph Dennis; Park, Donghyun
29 2018“A little is better than zero” or “pay enough or don’t pay at all”? evidence on the size of pay-for-performance across the sectorsChen, Chung-An
30 2017Disciplining deserving subjects through social assistance : migration and the diversification of precarity in SingaporeYe, Junjia; Yeoh, Brenda S. A.
31 2013Televised political discourse in New ZealandStadler, Stefanie
32 2018Intersectional identities : influences of religion, race, and gender on the intimate relationships of single Singaporean Malay-Muslim womenZainal, Humairah
33 2018Gatekeeping influences and journalistic capital : proposing a mechanism of influenceTandoc, Edson C., Jr.
34 2012The evolution of scientific journal articles in the periphery : a case study and analysis of the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology from 1928 to 2008Lin, H.; Luyt, Brendan
35 2018On Bootstrap inconsistency and Bonferroni-based size-correction for the subset Anderson-Rubin test under conditional homoskedasticityWang, Wenjie; Doko Tchatoka, Firmin
36 2012Effects of mono- and bicultural experiences on auditory perceptionChan, Alice Hiu Dan; Wong, Patrick C. M.; Margulis, Elizabeth H.
37 2012Mobile augmented reality for Bukit Brown cemetery navigationNewton, Owen Noel; Deshan, Chamika; Nakatsu, Ryohei; Pang, Natalie
38 2012Influence of playability and usability in a mobile human computation gameKothandapani, Somasundaram; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Razikin, Khasfariyati
39 2012An investigation of students' perception of Bluetooth securityTan, Margaret; Aguilar, Kathrine Sagala
40 2010Confucian moral cultivation, longevity, and public policyLi, Chenyang
41 2012The 'beauty' of male circumcision in Japan : gender, sexuality and the male body in a medical practiceCastro-Vázquez, Genaro
42 2012The creative tension between statistics and economicsCheng, Hsiao.
43 2014The risk of property bubbles in Hong Kong and Singapore : another aftershock crisis of the global financial Tsunami?Yip, Paul Sau Leung
44 2018How are we the same or different : information needs and barriers of domestic and international studentsSin, Joanna Sei-Ching; Kim, Kyung-Sun
45 2010Food safetyIslam, Md Saidul
46 2010“Tom Stoppard as trickster in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead.”Jernigan, Daniel Keith
47 2020Singapore EnglishCavallaro, Francesco; Ng, Bee Chin; Tan, Ying Ying
48 2008'Donkey Friends' in China: the Internet, civil society and the emergence of the Chinese backpacking communityLim, Francis Khek Gee
49 2011Economic crisis and fiscal policy managementArlini, Silvia Mila; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko
50 2010Chinese overseas and a rising China: the limits of diplomatic ‘diaspora option’Liu, Hong
Results 1-50 of 686 (Search time: 0.078 seconds).