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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1 1989Slip on the Superstition Hills fault and on nearby faults associated with the 24 November 1987 Elmore Ranch and Superstition Hills earthquakes, southern CaliforniaSieh, Kerry; McGill, Sally F.; Allen, Clarence R.; Hudnut, Kenneth W.; Johnson, David C.; Miller, Wayne F.
2 1984Red river and associated faults, Yunnan Province, China : quaternary geology, slip rates, and seismic hazardYuan, Han; Sieh, Kerry; Zhang, Buchun; Zhu, Chengnan; Gillespie, A. R.; Allen, Clarence R.
3 1985Holocene rate of slip and tentative recurrence interval for large earthquakes on the San Andreas fault, Cajon Pass, southern CaliforniaSieh, Kerry; Weldon, Ray J.
4 2008Variation of initial 230Th/232Th and limits of high precision U–Th dating of shallow-water coralsShen, Chuan-Chou; Li, Kuei-Shu; Sieh, Kerry; Natawidjaja, Danny H.; Cheng, Hai; Wang, Xianfeng; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Lam, Doan Dinh; Hsieh, Yu-Te; Fan, Tung-Yung; Meltzner, Aron J.; Taylor, Fred W.; Quinn, Terrence M.; Chiang, Hong-Wei; Kilbourne, K. Halimeda
5 2012Stable isotopic evidence for climate and basin evolution of the Late Cretaceous Songliao basin, ChinaChamberlain, C. Page; Wan, Xiaoqiao; Graham, Stephan A.; Carroll, Alan R.; Doebbert, Amalia C.; Sageman, Bradley B.; Blisniuk, Peter; Kent-Corson, Malinda Louise; Wang, Zhou; Chengshan, Wang
6 2013Volcanic tsunami : a review of source mechanisms, past events and hazards in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea)Paris, Raphaël; Switzer, Adam D.; Belousova, Marina; Belousov, Alexander; Ontowirjo, Budianto; Whelley, Patrick L.; Ulvrova, Martina
7 2017Rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded in individual crystalsRubin, Allison E.; Cooper, Kari M.; Till, Christy B.; Kent, Adam J. R.; Costa, Fidel; Bose, Maitrayee; Gravley, Darren; Deering, Chad; Cole, Jim
8 2011Landslide susceptibility assessment in Limbe (SW Cameroon) : a field calibrated seed cell and information value methoddel Marmol, M.-A.; Trefois, P.; Jacobs, P.; Suh, C. E.; Che, Vivian Bih.; Kervyn, Matthieu.; Fontijn, Karen.; Ernst, Gerald G. J.
9 2012Mapping cultural vulnerability in volcanic regions : the practical application of social volcanology at Mt Merapi, IndonesiaDonovan, Katherine.; Suryanto, Aris.; Utami, Pungky.
10 2012The scientific management of volcanic crisesMarzocchi, Warner.; Newhall, Christopher.; Woo, Gordon.
11 2018Mapping sea-level change in time, space, and probabilityHorton, Benjamin Peter; Kopp, Robert E.; Garner, Andra J.; Hay, Carling C.; Khan, Nicole Sophie; Roy, Keven; Shaw, Timothy Adam
12 20121DH Boussinesq modeling of wave transformation over fringing reefsYao, Yu; Huang, Zhenhua; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man; Monismith, Stephen G.
13 2011Coral communities of Hong Kong : long-lived corals in a marginal reef environmentGoodkin, Nathalie Fairbank; McCorry, Denise; DeVantier, Lyndon; Yang, Teng Teng; Switzer, Adam D.; True, James D.; Hughen, Konrad A.; Angeline, N.
14 2003Paleoseismic evidence of characteristic slip on the Western segment of the North anatolian fault, TurkeyKlinger, Yann; Sieh, Kerry; Altunel, E.; Akoglu, A.; Barka, A.; Dawson, T.; Gonzalez, T.; Meltzner, Aron J.; Rockwell, Thomas K.
15 2012The Blake geomagnetic excursion recorded in a radiometrically dated speleothemOsete, María-Luisa; Martín-Chivelet, Javier; Rossi, Carlos; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Egli, Ramon; Muñoz-García, M. Belén; Wang, Xianfeng; Pavón-Carrasco, F. Javier; Heller, Friedrich
16 2002A comparative study of the Sumatran subduction-zone earthquakes of 1935 and 1984Rivera, Luis; Sieh, Kerry; Helmberger, Don V.; Natawidjaja, Danny H.
17 2004Six similar sequential ruptures of the San Andreas fault, Carrizo Plain, CaliforniaLiu, Jing; Klinger, Yann; Sieh, Kerry; Rubin, Charles M.
18 2010Sedimentary evidence of Late Holocene human activity in the Pearl River delta, ChinaLloyd, Jeremy M.; Yim, Wyss W. S.; Yu, Fengling; Huang, Guangqing; Zong, Yongqiang
19 1988Irregular recurrence of large earthquakes along the San Andreas fault : evidence from treesSieh, Kerry; Jacoby Jr., Gordon C.; Sheppard, Paul R.
20 1995Prospects for larger or more frequent earthquakes in the Los Angeles metropolitan regionSieh, Kerry; Suppe, John; Dolan, James F.; Rockwell, Thomas K.; Yeats, Robert S.; Huftile, Gary J.; Gath, Eldon M.; Shaw, John H.
21 2012The Holocene Indian monsoon variability over the southern Tibetan Plateau and its teleconnectionsCai, Yanjun; Zhang, Haiwei; Cheng, Hai; An, Zhisheng; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Wang, Xianfeng; Tan, Liangcheng; Liang, Fuyuan; Wang, Jin; Kelly, Megan
22 2007Rupture kinematics of the 2005 Mw 8.6 Nias-Simeulue earthquake from the joint inversion of seismic and geodetic dataKonca, A. Ozgun; Hjorleifsdottir, Vala; Song, Alex Teh-Ru; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Ji, Chen; Sieh, Kerry; Helmberger, Don V.; Briggs, Richard W.; Meltzner, Aron J.
23 2003The 2002 Denali fault earthquake, Alaska : a large magnitude, slip-partitioned eventEberhart-Phillips, Donna; Haeussler, Peter J.; Freymueller, Jeffrey T.; Frankel, Arthur D.; Rubin, Charles M.; Craw, Patricia; Ratchkovski, Natalia A.; Carver, Gary A.; Crone, Anthony J.; Dawson, Timothy E.; Fletcher, Hilary; Hansen, Roger; Harp, Edwin L.; Harris, Ruth A.; Hill, David P.; Hreinsdóttir, Sigrún; Jibson, Randall W.; Jones, Lucile M.; Kayen, Robert; Keefer, David K.; Larsen, Christopher F.; Moran, Seth C.; Personius, Stephen F.; Plafker, George; Sherrod, Brian; Sieh, Kerry; Sitar, Nicholas; Wallace, Wesley K.; Anderson, Greg
24 2012Multiphase flow dynamics of pyroclastic density currents during the May 18, 1980 lateral blast of Mount St. HelensVoight, Barry.; Widiwijayanti, Christina.; Ongaro, T. Esposti.; Clarke, A. B.; Neri, A.
25 2003A structural interpretation of the aftershock "cloud" of the 1992 Mw 7.3 Landers earthquakeLiu, Jing; Sieh, Kerry; Hauksson, Egill
26 2012The role of sea-level rise, monsoonal discharge and the palaeo-landscape in the early Holocene evolution of the Pearl River delta, southern ChinaZong, Yongqiang; Huang, Kangyou; Yu, Fengling; Zheng, Zhuo; Switzer, Adam D.; Huang, Guangqing; Wang, Ning; Tang, Min
27 1994Seismic hazards in Southern California : probable earthquakes, 1994 to 2024Working group on California earthquake probabilities.
28 1993Near-field investigations of the Landers earthquake sequence, April to July 1992Hauksson, Egill; Hudnut, Kenneth; Eberhart-Phillips, Donna; Heaton, Thomas; Sieh, Kerry; Hough, Susan; Hutton, Kate; Kanamori, Hiroo; Lilje, Anne; Lindvall, Scott; Stock, Joann; Thio, Hong Kie; Treiman, Jerome; Zachariasen, Judith; McGill, Sally F.; Mori, James.; Spotila, James A.; Jones, Lucile M.; Rubin, Charles M.; Wernicke, Brian P.
29 2007Coseismic slip and afterslip of the Great Mw 9.15 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of 2004Chlieh, Mohamed; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Hjorleifsdottir, Vala; Song, Alex Teh-Ru; Ji, Chen; Sieh, Kerry; Sladen, Anthony; Hebert, Helene; Prawirodirdjo, Linette; Bock, Yehuda; Galetzka, John
30 2011Abrupt variations in South American monsoon rainfall during the Holocene based on a speleothem record from central-eastern BrazilStríkis, Nicolás M.; Cruz, Francisco W.; Cheng, Hai; Karmann, Ivo; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Vuille, Mathias; Wang, Xianfeng; de Paula, Marcos S.; Novello, Valdir F.; Auler, Augusto S.
31 2012The Cenozoic climatic and topographic evolution of the western North American CordilleraMix, H. T.; Mulch, A.; Hren, M. T.; Davis, S. J.; Horton, T. W.; Chamberlain, C. Page; Kent-Corson, Malinda Louise; Graham, Stephan A.
32 2012The 2010 explosive eruption of Java's Merapi volcano—a ‘100-year’ eventSurono; Jousset, Philippe; Pallister, John; Boichu, Marie; Buongiorno, M. Fabrizia; Budisantoso, Agus; Costa, Fidel; Andreastuti, Supriyati; Prata, Fred; Schneider, David; Clarisse, Lieven; Humaida, Hanik; Sumarti, Sri; Bignami, Christian; Griswold, Julie; Carn, Simon; Oppenheimer, Clive; Lavigne, Franck
33 2012The global Paleomonsoon as seen through speleothem records from Asia and the AmericasCheng, Hai; Sinha, Ashish; Wang, Xianfeng; Cruz, Francisco W.; Edwards, R. Lawrence
34 2013Correlation of magma evolution and geophysical monitoring during the 2011-2012 El Hierro (Canary Islands) submarine eruptionMartí, Joan; Castro, Antonio; Rodríguez, Carmen; Costa, Fidel; Carrasquilla, Sandra; Pedreira, Rocío; Bolos, Xavier
35 2000Modern vertical deformation above the Sumatran subduction zone : paleogeodetic insights from coral microatollsZachariasen, Judith; Sieh, Kerry; Taylor, Frederick W.; Hantoro, Wahyoe S.
36 2016How well can we quantify dust deposition to the ocean?Anderson, R. F.; Cheng, H.; Edwards, R. L.; Fleisher, M. Q.; Hayes, C. T.; Huang, K.-F.; Kadko, D.; Lam, P. J.; Landing, W. M.; Lao, Y.; Lu, Yanbin; Measures, C. I.; Moran, S. B.; Morton, P. L.; Ohnemus, D. C.; Robinson, L. F.; Shelley, R. U.
37 1982Forecasting southern California earthquakesSieh, Kerry; Raleigh, C. B.; Sykes, L. R.; Anderson, D. L.
38 2011Co-seismic and cumulative offsets of the recent earthquakes along the Karakax left-lateral strike-slip fault in western TibetLi, Haibing; Van der Woerd, Jérôme; Sun, Zhiming; Si, Jialiang; Tapponnier, Paul; Pan, Jiawei; Liu, Dongliang; Chevalier, Marie-Luce
39 2018Socio-economic consequences of post-disaster reconstruction in hazard-exposed areasMcCaughey, Jamie W.; Daly, Patrick; Mundir, Ibnu; Mahdi, Saiful; Patt, Anthony
40 2011Evaluating the degree of weathering in landslide-prone soils in the humid tropics : the case of Limbe, SW CameroonErnst, Gerald G. J.; Che, Vivian Bih; Fontijn, Karen; Kervyn, Matthieu; Elburg, Marlina; Ranst, Eric Van; Suh, Cheo Emmanuel
41 2012Spatial and temporal variability of ammonia and other inorganic aerosol speciesChen, X.; Day, D. E.; Gebhart, K. A.; Carrico, C. M.; Schwandner, F. M.; Benedict, K. B.; Schichtel, B. A.; Collett, J. L.
42 2011Quantitative vertical zonation of salt-marsh foraminifera for reconstructing former sea level : an example from New Jersey, USAKemp, Andrew C.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Vann, David R.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Grand Pre, Candace A.; Vane, Christopher H.; Nikitina, Daria.; Anisfeld, Shimon C.
43 2006Geomorphic analysis of the central range fault, the second major active structure of the longitudinal valley suture, eastern TaiwanShyu, J. Bruce H.; Chung, Ling-Ho; Sieh, Kerry; Chen, Yue-Gau
44 2016Source characteristics of the 2015 MW 7.8 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake and its MW 7.2 aftershock from space geodesyFeng, Wanpeng; Lindsey, Eric; Barbot, Sylvain; Samsonov, Sergey; Dai, Keren; Li, Peng; Li, Zhenhong; Almeida, Rafael; Chen, Jiajun; Xu, Xiaohua
45 2018A global database of strong-motion displacement GNSS recordings and an example application to PGD scalingRuhl, Christine J.; Melgar, Diego; Geng, Jianghui; Goldberg, Dara E.; Crowell, Brendan W.; Allen, Richard M.; Bock, Yehuda; Barrientos, Sergio; Riquelme, Sebastian; Baez, Juan Carlos; Cabral-Cano, Enrique; Pérez-Campos, Xyoli; Hill, Emma M.; Protti, Marino; Ganas, Athanassios; Ruiz, Mario; Mothes, Patricia; Jarrín, Paul; Nocquet, Jean-Mathieu; Avouac, Jean-Phillipe; D'Anastasio, Elisabetta
46 2012Stratigraphic evidence for an early Holocene earthquake in Aceh, IndonesiaGrand Pre, Candace A.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Kelsey, Harvey M.; Rubin, Charles M.; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Daryono, Mudrik R.; Rosenberg, Gary.; Culver, Stephen J.
47 2012Bedding structures in Indian tsunami deposits that provide clues to the dynamics of tsunami inundationSwitzer, Adam D.; Srinivasalu, S.; Thangadurai, N.; Ram Mohan, V.
48 2012Holocene palaeoclimate and sea level fluctuation recorded from the coastal Barker Swamp, Rottnest Island, south-western Western AustraliaGouramanis, Chris.; Dodson, J.; Wilkins, D.; De Deckker, Patrick.; Chase, B. M.
49 2009Transmission of solitary waves through slotted barriers : a laboratory study with analysis by a long wave approximationHuang, Zhenhua; Yuan, Zhida
50 2017Water-rich sublithospheric melt channel in the equatorial Atlantic OceanMehouachi, Fares; Singh, Satish C.
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