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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1 2008SingaporeKwok, Anthony Kian Woon; Pluss, Caroline
2 2011The current productivity drive in Singapore: challenges for labour market policiesChew, Soon Beng; Chew, Rosalind Seow Lung
3 2007Translators and interpreters during the opium war between Britain and China (1839-1842)Wong, Lawrence Wang Chi; Myriam, Salama-Carr
4 2007Just what is new about the ‘New Politics of IdentityKwok, Anthony Kian Woon
5 201113 future directions for research and conservation of long-tailed macaque populationsGumert, Michael David; Fuentes, Augstín; Engel, Gregory; Jones-Engel, Lisa
6 2009Trans-national biographies and trans-national habit: the case of Chinese-Singaporeans in Hong KongPluss, Caroline
7 2008A literary organization with a clear political agenda: the Chinese league of left-wing writers, 1930-1936Wong, Lawrence Wang Chi
8 2010Introduction : new approaches to the study of the cold war in AsiaSzonyi, Michael; Liu, Hong
9 2010Introductory essayHiggins, Aidan; Murphy, Cornelius Anthony
10 2009Migration and the globalization of religionPluss, Caroline
11 2009From “development project” to “globalization”: understanding Third World politics, class relations and development choicesIslam, Md Saidul
12 2007Poverty, poverty alleviation and social disadvantage in SingaporeChew, Soon Beng; Chew, Rosalind Seow Lung
13 2011《从‘带饿思泼辣’到‘酷儿漂浪’:以许佑生《岸边石》和李昂《禁色的爱》为例 = “From “Diaspora” to “Queer Diaspora” : on Hsu You-Sheng’s riverband rock and Li Ang’s love in prohibited color”许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
14 2009Chapter 7. Singapore growth model: its strengths and its weaknessesLim, Chong Yah
15 2010Cost-benefit analysis of mining in protected forest: a case study of PT Weda Bay Nickel, Central Halmahera, IndonesiaSilvia, Irawan; Chang, Youngho
16 2007Translators and interpreters during the opium war between Britian and China (1839-1842)Wong, Wang-Chi Lawrence
17 2008Local, national, transnational: Chinese as migrants and citizens in MalaysiaYow, Cheun Hoe
18 2007Guilt, shame, & identity : a cultural perspectiveBedford, Olwen Anna
19 2008R&D collaboration and innovation in China’s emerging marketZhou, Wubiao
20 2007Rewriting sentimental plots : sequels to novels of sensibility by Jane Austen and another ladyWagner, Tamara Silvia
21 2011明代中韩「孝女」唱和诗的文化意涵 = The ‘Filial Daughter’ in poems of Chinese and Korean from 15th to 17th century衣若芬 I, Lo-fen
22 2012Towards developing Islamic science: a review and appraisalIslam, M. Saidul
23 2011The role of speaker beliefs in determining accent placementGerman, James Sneed; Clark, Brady; Sagi, Eyal; Kaufmann, Stefan
24 2014Textual Research on the Gongxu Edition of Guoyu during the Song DynastyQu, Jingyi; Li, Jia
25 2009The ideology and practice of authenticity in punk subcultureLewin, Philip; Williams, James Patrick
26 2010转动罗盘:陈嘉庚和李光前的华人离散经验 = Turning the compass : diasporic Chinese experience of Tan Kah Kee and Lee Kong ChianYow, Cheun Hoe
27 2007University Chinese education in Singapore : the case of the Division of Chinese and Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University李元瑾 Lee, Guan Kin
28 2015《史记·滑稽列传》四题 = Four topics on memoir of Guji in Shiji曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
29 2011Developing sustainable human macaque communitiesJones-Engel, Lisa; Engel, Gregory; Gumert, Michael David; Fuentes, Agustín
30 2009知識生産の領域と村上春樹の香港における普及Kwan, Uganda Sze Pui
31 2011Rachel CarsonIslam, Md Saidul
32 2011Are fines compatible with building a truly fine country?Walter, Theseira; Tan, Di Song
33 2007新加坡多元文化剧场中的意识形态柯思仁 Quah, Sy Ren
34 2007Multicultural identitiesHong, Ying-yi; Wan, Ching; No, Sun; Chiu, Chi-yue
35 2007The eleventh five year plan : a critical perspectiveTan, Kong Yam
36 2009Managing labour for competitiveness in Southeast AsiaChew, Soon Beng; Chew, Rosalind Seow Lung
37 2009Financing China's entrepreneurs: the role of legislative membershipZhou, Wubiao
38 2010Aidan Higgins ear playsJernigan, Daniel Keith
39 2011Innovation versus preservation: heritage management and Burmese traditional performing artsGoh, Geok Yian
40 2010Chinese immigrant in Singapore : from Xinke to new immigrant李元瑾 Lee, Guan Kin
41 2010Writing as re-vision in "The God of Small Things"Wernmei, Yong Ade
42 2010明代宮廷的教育胡吉勋 Hu, Jixun
43 2011"'Tomorrow’s Brother': contesting orientalisms in Gopal Baratham's A Candle or the Sun"Chew, Sim Wai
44 2008Non-participant observationWilliams, James Patrick
45 2010The historicity of China’s soft power: the PRC and the cultural politics of Indonesia, 1949-65Liu, Hong
46 2009Global Financial TsunamiChew, Rosalind Seow Lung
47 2010Sensationalising women writers: madwomen in attics, the sensational canon, and generic confinementWagner, Tamara Silvia
48 2011Lalu Lintas Budaya antara Cina dan IndonesiaLiu, Hong
49 2013Contour integration and the association fieldField, David J.; Golden, James R.; Hayes, Anthony
50 2007Criticisms on Taoism and Chinese traditional beliefs by the protestant missionaries in the first half of 19th-century (In Chinese)Chng, Khin Yong
Results 1-50 of 247 (Search time: 0.024 seconds).