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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Color management and control based on image color dataSameer Syed Mohideen; Sivaraman Rajagopalan; Wu, Quansheng
22007Optimal production/inventor control for a two-machine make-to-stock systemQian, Yi
32002Next generation manufacturing in SingaporeKer, Han Seah; Liu, Ying; Ong, Wee Leng; Tang, Kum Cheong; Lu, Jinhan
42004Process improvements in magma and pele inkjet cartridge intermediate assembly (IA) production linesHenry Suseno Nilam; Indrawati Torpi Sofian; Low, Kean Wah; Xin, Hai Nan
52010Process improvement on vibration test in gauge production lineLiu, Ren
62007Control of manufacturing systems with downstream batch processorsCheng, Tajan John Benedict
72007A simulation-based study of scheduling policies to improve the factory performanceLi, Meng
82009Optimization of parameters for micro hot embossing of aluminum alloy with a silicon dieGuo, Haiqing
92003Proper orthogonal decomposition extensions and their applications in steady aerodynamicsTan, Bui Thanh
102005New models in logistics network design and implications for 3PL companiesCheong, Michelle Lee Fong
112011A study of the electronic properties of III-V compound semiconductor integrated with siliconChen, Kah Pin
122010Defect reduction and control based on application of process controlDai, Qi
132003Analysis and formulation of retailer logistic operationsNg, Marcus Yeng Seng; Pang, Yan; Xu, Fei; Yohan, Fendy
142010Slitting process optimizationWilly Perdana Tanuwijaya
152001Nanoindentation studies of polyimide thin films on silicon substratesYeo, Elaine
162002Analysis, appraisal and improvement on airbag sensor assembly lineCao, Zhe; Keh, Teng Yang; Xu, Qing
172009Design of a more effective vibration test method in gauge productionLi, Wu
182009Experimental investigation to optimize injection molding process of microfluidic deviceLin, Manfred Yongliang
192009Inspection allocation in a serial production line for simultaneously improving quantity and quality performanceZhong, Yuan
202011Fabrication of cyclic olefin copolymer (COC/TOPAS) microfluidic devices: hot embossing and thermal bondingJena, Rajeeb Kumar
212011Carbon nanotubes with conductance-preserving covalent functionalitiesLiu, Chao
222007Ordered nanostructures through colloidal self assemblyKoh, Yaw Koon
232006Accurate measurement of flexion-extension angles with multiple accelerometersDong, Wei
242001Industrial robot development : integration of business, design, production and supply chain issuesWang, Shengyong; Wang, Kai
252007Development and implementation of a system testing device for microfluidic devicesLi, Chengguang
262010Improvement of tribological properties of silicon mold : a DoE approachOh, Shao Chong
272009Finished goods inventory management by production planningXu, Jie
282004The management of outsourced manufacturing in the production of flexible packaging products of superior multi-packaging limitedLi, Jing; Tan, Aik Phang; Tan, Yih Sheng
292006Robot programming using augmented realityChong, Jonathan Wun Shiung
302009Flow simulation of microinjection moulding of microfluidic deviceMohammed Faizal Mohd Fauzi
312006Optimization of steel plate planning for keppel FELSNi, Yang
322007Demolding mechanics of micro-cast UV cured thermosetsYeo, Lip Pin
332015Quantification of subcellar localization and co-localization from high-content imagesZhu, Shiwen
342005A tactical planning model for make-to-order environment under demand uncertaintyTeo, Chee Cheong
352007Multi-objective scheduling in PCB assembly manufacturing : discreet event simulation approachZuo, Jie
362006Optimization of color print process controlDu, Xian
372007The production scheduling using economic lot sizing approach at a pharmaceutical company.Sumit, Gupta.
382004Exploring & enhancing the possibilities of accelerated life testing of semiconductor components and transfer to mass productionN. B. Vignesh; Zhong, Yi; Che, Yi
392007Study on the semiconductor wafer fabrication performance improvement based on job release controlAndy Darwin Kasan Hidayat
402007Analysis of inventory management models of raw materials in non-deterministic situations for a pharmaceutical company.Khor, Thomas Si Ming.
412009Design of a real-time process tracking system in a production cellZhang, Endong
422008Study of the lifecycles of Si molds and the quality of their injection molding productsYi, Jin
432008The research analysis on the projection of the warehouse occupancy in a pharmaceutical companyZhao, Changhui
442002Building an intelligent e-diagnostics system for reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) of wire bond machinesSunil, Bhandari; Du, Xian; Wang, Xiaobo
452009Distribution network optimization for consumer goods economy packs requiring consolidated packing of multiple stock keeping units sourced from multiple production facilitiesSyed Zia Abbas Rizvi
462009Improving supply chain resilience at tetra pak using multi-stage supply chainHiu, Elsa Man Leung
472009Personal positioning based on bayesian filters and user activity mapHui, Fang
482009Optimization of micro hot embossing process for manufacturing polymeric microfluidic devices with aluminum alloy dieDong, Youqun
492004Analysis, scheduling and planning in wafer fabrication systemsCitra Pramesti; Toh, Kai Aik; Zhang, Bo
502006Manual assembly design and planning in an augmented reality environmentYan, Pang
Results 1-50 of 155 (Search time: 0.943 seconds).