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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021Mechanical behaviour of commercially pure titanium with different porosities formed by selective laser meltingTan, Joel Jie Yao
22020Materials database for 3D printed multi-materials anatomical modelsLim, Yuan Fang
32022A bench top test flow setup device for biomedical applicationKoh, Melvin Wei Yeow
42021Anomaly detection of 3D printing process using machine learningNur Muizzu Hamzah
52022Design and 3d printing of height-adjustable system for urban farmingTAN, ZHI JIE
62022Development of copper wire laying techniques for 3D printingLim, Shan De
72021Process optimization of directed energy deposition for 316L/TiB2Ang, Yao Ting
82021Characterization of Inconel/steel bimetallic structures fabricated by selective laser meltingNg, Aaron Kai Jie
92023Development of 3D printable antibacterial water filters in vertical farmsPothunuri Laya
102021Development of coating layer for 3D printed electronicsNeo, Wei Teng
112021Development of copper wire laying techniques for 3D printingNg, Nigel Youee
1220223D printed soft gripper with adjustable stiffnessChen, Ken Yen
132022Printed sensors via aerosol jet printingChang, Bradley Luke Hao Jie
142021Adoption of 3D printing for aerospace industry : a case studyNur Diyana Mohamed Sani
152021Printed electronics for smart water technology sensorKoh, Joy Yuan En
162021Characterisation of steel composites fabricated by selective laser meltingKoh, Hwee Kang
1720203D bioprinting of collagenChia, Fang Quan
182022Investigation of the current carrying capacity for aerosol jet printed filmTang, Noah Qi Xiang
192022Design of modular hydroponic wall system for household urban farming using additive manufacturingGoh, Yin Xian
202022A study on the usage of silicone in extrusion-based 3D printing techniqueTeo, Guo Hua
212021Development of theraputic aid using 3D printingTheng, Herman Wen Jun
222022Residential urban farming through 3D printing of adaptable hydroponics systemSeah, Yun Lin
232022Anomaly detection in aerosol jet printing via computer vision & machine learningOng, Alvin Wei Siang
242022Free-form manufacturing of pH 15-5 stainless steel via laser powder bed fusionPhua, Shin Zert
2520203D printing of composite noise barrier sandwich structureNeo, Casper Song Jiang
262020Development of highly thixotropic gelatin-based bio-inks for 3D bioprintingLee, Jun Hao
272022Investigation of dynamic mechanical properties of the additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber compositesZheng, Minqiang
282022Design and fabrication of 3D printed universal gripperLee, Gerwyn Si Yan
292022Design and fabrication of electronic housing for water filter membrane module via 3D printingJaw, Wei Qi
302022Design and optimization of a 3D printed soft gripper for urban farmingTan, Edwyn Bing Liang
Results 1-30 of 30 (Search time: 0.026 seconds).


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