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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11997Study of the balanced scorecard system design in a Singapore company.Sum, Stephen Ngai.
22002Testing the forecasting ability of implied volatility of OTC currency pair using trading strategies.Cheng, Alvin Beng Kiat.; Chua, Chin Tong.; Zheng, Ru.
31999Causality patterns between exchange rates and stock prices : evidence from daily data of eight East Asian countries.Lau, Hon Wei.
42009How sustainability accounting can be a strategic tool in the Singapore hospitality sector.Soo, Wei Chieh.
52005Marketing strategies of Chinese national banks.Zheng, Yanjun.; Zhu, Yong.
62001中国证券业市场结构分析 = The analysis of industrial structure of security industry in China林阳 Lin, Yang; 王焕杰 Wang, Huan Jie
72000河北省高素质人才资源开发研究 = Study of high quality human resources development in Hebei province of China王淑玲 Wang, Shu Ling
81998Private placements of seasoned equity issues : shareholders' wealth, firm performance, and stock liquidity.Ho, Kim Wai.
91997Warrant pricing : Singapore experience.Li, Zhi.
101996The determinants of profitability of Asia-Pacific Banks.Shen, Shu Qiao.; Lin, Ling.
112005Random walk behaviour in Asian dual-listed stocks.Preeti Nambiar.
122005Corporate strategy in a transitional economy : a study of Maya cement in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, PRCGan, Ling Horng; Lim, Huey Fang; Ong, Pamela Hwee San
131999Outsourcing discourse : trends and analysis.Lau, Kelvin Yao Ming.
142003中国重庆市产业政策的评估研究 = An evaluation of industrial policy in Chongqing municipality王卫 Wang, Wei; 邹 荣 Zou, Rong
152003Option pricing under stochastic volatility model.Lim, Hak Min.; Lim, Gerald Kim Meng.; Yeo, Yew Teck.
162000A comparative case analysis of two beach resorts in Phuket, Thailand.Wilson, David Darryl.; Shirin Beve Md Kassim.
172003Singapore Airlines : service recovery and customer repurchase decisions (a case study).Shanmugam, Jayaraj.; Wong, Jolina Jo Yin.
181996Asset allocation : an analytical approach.Tan, Peter.
192006Study on stock portfolios' profitability with gearing ratio.Loh, Jessie Soo Eng.
202002The informational content of 'non-rated' issuer ratingsDawne, Siau
212003Lockup: a credible IPO signal?Lim, Francine Siew Koon; Quek, Lee Nah
221996Attractiveness of a financial centre : a comparison of Hong Kong and Singapore on investment factors.Lim, Henry Shien Ching.; Yeung, Hung Kung.
231997The Warren Buffet Way : a model and its application to selected stocks listed on the Stock Exchange of SingaporeDutta Supratim; Lam, Philip Hoe Wai; Lim, Kelvin Gim Chong
242001德州市劳动市场存在问题与展望 = A study on the labor market issues in Dezhou and their policy implications盛建军 Sheng, Jianjun; 马传先 Ma, Chuanxian
252001Evaluation of critical success factors for ship repair industry in SingaporeVineet Chauhan; Krishnaswamy Vasan; Pawan Kumar Agrawal
262001Real options approach to valuation of fuel cell companies.Shriram Subramanian.
272000Global challenges and business opportunities in Mexico's electronics industryRieder, Michael; Tan, Joe Chee Keong; Alphonsus, Paul Maurice; Tan, Steven Chiang Swa
282007离职管理:ABC公司核心员工离职问题研究 = Dismission management : a study on key employee dismission in company ABCYan, Hongtao
292008Shaping medical tourism : the roles of healthcare intermediaries.Tay, Yvonne Yee Wen.
302002新加坡与重庆吸纳国外直接投资的对比研究 = A comparative study on the foreign direct investments between Singapore & Chongqing唐林 Tang, Lin
311999论畜牧业在沧州农村经济中的地位与作用 = The role and contribution of livestock industry in CangZhous's rural economy王增明 Wang, Zengming
322001Business study mission to Thailand political environment, society, culture and valuesNeo, Catherine Kiow Huay; Tan, Chui Lin; Wong, Edward Sy Vui; Goh, Clifford Poh Leng
332008IOS standards development consortium diffusion strategies: a market structure approachZhang, Youran
342000德州市企业与国有企业比较分政及政策j'y = A comparative analysis of privately owned and state owned enterprises in Dezhou city and its policy implications刘长民 Liu, Changmin; 孙起生 Sun, Qisheng
351996A comparative analysis of the performance of initial public offering shares in the medium term as compared to shares of mature listed companies.Ho, Yik Joon.; Tan, Alex Tionc Huat.; Tan, See Chen.
361995A survey of customer relationships between SMEs and commercial banks in Singapore.Lau, Wilson Wei Hsien.; Tan, Suat Pheng.
371996An empirical study on the performance and cointegration analysis of CPF approved unit trusts in Singapore.Cheung, Alicia Wai Lai.; Ker, Leh Hiong.; Poh, Chwee Heng.
382004Reform measures in China's stock market and their effects and implications.Liu, Ren.
392020When too much “me” is bad for “us” : the detrimental effect of selfie on self-brand connectionBharti, Mehak
402001财政政策在中国经济调控中的运用和展望 = Fiscal policy and Chinese economy : history and perspective张利智 Zhang, Li Zhi; 田正祥 Tian, Zheng Xiang
412001Exploring the prospects of IP telephony with cost analysis.Fu, Xiaowen.
422002The link between firm internal resources and the internationalisation of research and development.Mak, Check Hong.
431996A case study of management characteristics and new product development.Thoe, Choa Kheong.
442003Shou ru yu zeng zhang de cha ju : Zhongguo Xi Bei san sheng jing ji fa zhan fen xi = Income & growth disparity in China : case of three provinces in North-Western region.Kang, Zhanping.; Li, Pei Xing.
452003Change and continuity in the management model of overseas Chinese family enterprise : a comparative study of six Singaporian Chinese businesses.Zheng, Qun.
461999Decision-making with incomplete information : a process-based study.Koh, Lynn Shu-Yi.
472006Sustaining competitive advantage through human capital development : a comparative study of the airline industry in Singapore and Australia.Li, Ping.; Lim, Yoon Boon.; Tan, Sharon Ah Moi.; Soo, Wai Mun.; Thai Vinh Ngan.
482013Investing in the Mongolian real estateChooi, Michael Ryoon; Iwai, Hiroyuki; Oh, Jonathan Yi Han; Wang, Han Tang
492003A supply chain management approach to operational excellence : Philips consumer electronics ChinaChen, Rolland Yuqing; Foo, Jeffrey Chek Chwan; Neo, Keng Hoe; Rasiadi Budiman
502007Essays on corporate disclosure and the capital marketsMiao, Bin
Results 1-50 of 1497 (Search time: 0.058 seconds).