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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016A study of airspace structureLwin, Thit
22012Adaptive np control chart in quality controlLiezel C Ochura.
32021Evaporation and crystallization of saline droplet with surfactant on smooth surfacesFong, Jia Jin
42015Fabrication and testing of GLARE specimensLai, Wei Hong
52012Development of SX chart for quality controlNg, Charmaine Xue Ming.
62012Design and fabrication of a boundary layer plate to be used in wind tunnelChia, Alvin Wen Jie.
72019Design and control of a compliant robot hand with soft fingersTham, Brenda Jia Hui
82016Comfort fitting using shape memory polymerLu, Peng
92019Web browser-based interface for monitoring and controlling robotLim, Pius Zhen Ye
102014Dyanmic tensile test rigTan, Jun Hua
112014Analysis and control of aquatic locomotion on robotic fishEric Purnama
122021Instability under compression of wire/strip embedded in siliconeKiong, Michael Jienyi
132016A review on Black-Scholes modelYang, Yang
142017Development of a capacitive deionization (CDI) device for water desalinationNg, Colin
152010Strain measurements of proximal tibial following unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA)Choo, Jiunn Jye.
162017Numerical investigation of flow and heat transfer through a severely stenosed carotid artery : part 1Chan, Jia Qi
172019To improve the ASTM standard of residual stress measurement using central hole drilling process by incorporating the effects of hole eccentricityKhairul Azhari Sharifuddeen
182022Ship route optimization to enable the just-in-time arrival at a portCheng, Clement Chin Keat
192013Mechanical behaviour of carbon fibre reinforced composites in three-point bending testTan, Hui Yi.
202009Two phase thermosyphon for high heat flux cooling applicationLee, Kai An.
212009Burr reduction in micro-milling processesKoh, Dong Yang.
222014Design and development of a parallel robot for 3D printingLeong, Victor Jiacheng
232018Development, fabrication and characterisation of a polymeric piezoelectric material (4)Neo, Tyler Yu Sheng
242022Producing positive/negative surface patterns using one surface mold and its applicationsTan, Ming Wang
252019A study of air molecular contamination (AMC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in new AMC/VOC controlled cleanroomWong, Chee Kong
262011Effects of initial oxide layer on growth of titania nanotubesLim, Jonathan Jian Wei.
272018Welding defect characterization through multiple domain phased array ultrasonic scanning data analysisNg, Jun Kai
282019Validation of an empirical formula for use in multi-objective optimization study of a tanker for optimal EEOINg, Keng Fu
292022Analysis of the data monitored on a ship in operationKoh, Clarence Jun Xian
302012Developement of passive liquid fuel cellLee, Heng Yih.
312021Effects of proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA) implant on the stress distribution of the femur - a finite element studyLoh, Christopher Meng Keat
322022Investigation on electroless nickel plating to reduce number of processYeo, Chee Peng
332022Process performance and capability study on the combination of surface enhancement tool-based processesLow, Zheng Xiang
342014Defect detection for remanufacturing engineering using non-destructive testingYeo, Hwee Ling
352017Effects of surface texture on wettingKee, Yong How
362019Explore methods to store energy for small-scale wind turbineZhuang, Xiaojing
372012Stress analysis for crack problems due to thermal mismatchHoe, Florina Suyi.
382022EBSD characterization of selected laser melted 316L stainless steelMuhammad Shafiq Omar
392022A system dynamics model for capacity planning in the semiconductor industryFoong, Yong Qing
402021Interrogating the mechanical origin of the sensory texture of plant foodsTan, Cassius Shinn Han
412017Measurements of a 5:1 blood pump modelMohamad Haiqel Bin Jamaludin
422016Design and making a model/prototype of portable fiber-optic biosensors as alternate bio-analytical toolsCheow, Joshua Zhi Kang
432017From 3D printing to 4D printingTan, Benjamin Zhi Wei
442020Composite fabrication by slip-castingTan, Sharlene
452022Tensile testing of PDMS-Xirallic oriented magnetic microplateletsChern, Kai Shieng
462018Development of a power meter for a bicycleSYED FARUQ AL AIDID S AFANDI
472017Study of sound absorptions by using acoustic impedance tubeSaabiq Al-Ahsin Haji Ja'afar
482015Instrumented measurement of shoulder anterior posterior laxityYeap, Jun Ann
492015Automatic docking and charging station for a mobile robot platformLim, Shaune Ji Zheng
502013Investigation of allowable vibration limit for GRP pipelineLim, Jingguo.
Results 1-50 of 6021 (Search time: 0.063 seconds).