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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003Dynamic inventory management for sustainability of airlines industryChew, Adrian Kim San; Barlino Effendy; Ho, Peter Chee Wun; Poh, Yang Liang
22002Building an intelligent e-diagnostics system for reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) of wire bond machinesSunil, Bhandari; Du, Xian; Wang, Xiaobo
32007Multi-objective scheduling in PCB assembly manufacturing : discreet event simulation approachZuo, Jie
42008Capacity planning and production scheduling at a syringe production facilityLiaw, Sze Sen
52008Determining the throughput of a CONWIP system using adjusted ARMHu, He
62007Capacity optimization and expansion in a multiple-product manufacturing system with complex flowMeng, Kai
72009Finished goods inventory management by production planningXu, Jie
82002Multi-agent system-based supply chain coordinationCheong, Lee Fong; Jeong, Woo Sung; Pallav Chhaochharia; Yin, Zhijie
92004Robust algorithms for identifying sources of yield impact in a reentrant manufacturing systemAshish Maskara; Tajan, John Benedict; Wang, Lisha
102007Ordered nanostructures through colloidal self assemblyKoh, Yaw Koon
112010Scheduling strategies of a single serial processing machine with multiple job types in the semiconductor assembly test environmentJiang, Nan
122009Distribution network optimization for consumer goods economy packs requiring consolidated packing of multiple stock keeping units sourced from multiple production facilitiesSyed Zia Abbas Rizvi
132006Accurate measurement of flexion-extension angles with multiple accelerometersDong, Wei
142009Integrated quantity and quality modeling and optimization of a manufacturing system under fractional inspectionZhou, Xiaoyu
152005Resource management of offshore units construction operations in multi-project environmentRajpurohit Dharmpal Singh; Wang, Haiquan; Yang, Yong Teck
162008Investigate the efficiency and effectiveness of material handling in a pharmaceutical factoryCen, Yizhe
172005Reduction/elimination erasure line in voice coil motor assemblyChen, Man; Fang, Yang; Jebie Kananggar Ganda
182006A platform-based product family design methodology for leverage differentation and cost benefitsCai, Yanling
192004Development of a logistic network configuration templateMarsellus Yohz Hendryanto; Meng, Fanming; Rawther Ashiqul Hameed; Susanto, Fadjiaray
202011Self assembled photonic crystals in solar cellsYip, Chan Hoe
212009Optimization of micro hot embossing process for manufacturing polymeric microfluidic devices with aluminum alloy dieDong, Youqun
222007Particle manipulation using moving dielectrophoresisKua, Chin Hock
232001Supply chain challenges of a global electronics manufacturer in the new millenniumAnand Rajagopalan; Kundan Kumar; Si, Le; Vikram Srivastava
242013Monolithic integration of GAAS-to-SI by direct wafer bondingYeo, Chiew Yong
252009Inspection allocation in a serial production line for simultaneously improving quantity and quality performanceZhong, Yuan
262007Development and implementation of a system testing device for microfluidic devicesLi, Chengguang
272008Optimization of employee transportation networkNg, Gar Yan
282012Characterization of Cu-Sn-In thin films for three-dimensional heterogeneous system integrationSasangka, Wardhana Aji
292008Implementation study of warehouse management system in a manufacturing companyLee, Kaizhao
302012Cell profiling of drug treated high content screening image dataNg, Alvin Yu-Jin
312009Dual-channel vendor-buyer system with minimum purchase commitment and price-sensitive demandLi, Bo
322005A tactical planning model for make-to-order environment under demand uncertaintyTeo, Chee Cheong
332002Issues in manufacturing semiconductors for wireless and optoelectronics applicationsSubhro Bikash Chakraborty; Wang, Shiren
342002Building an intelligent e-diagnostics system for reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) of wire bond machinesSunil, Bhandari; Du, Xian; Wang, Xiaobo
352004The management of outsourced manufacturing in the production of flexible packaging products of superior multi-packaging limitedLi, Jing; Tan, Aik Phang; Tan, Yih Sheng
362002Collaborative product commerce for the product life cycle of hard disk drive industryChen, Ke; Lee, Alvin Sheng Yang; Tian, Quan; Wong, Pei Lee
372003Geometric simplification and refinement of 3D graphics in collaborative designCai, Yanling; Goh, Wei Kyan; Mohammed Ali Yaseen
382012Platform for multi-gate InxGa1-xAs nanostructure nmosfet by top-down approachOng, Beng Sheng
392007A mathematical model used in flow lines for performance measurement and system improvementAng, Liu
402010Study on planning logics and adexa system integration for an oilfield service companyLiu, Junying
412007The production scheduling using economic lot sizing approach at a pharmaceutical company.Sumit, Gupta.
422007Optimal production / inventory control for a two-machine make-to-stock systemQian, Yi
432009Finished goods inventory reduction by advance production control and shipping schedule incorporated planningYang, Jingxia
442002Tooling cost estimation model for injection moldingTran, Duc Vi; Wang, Lan; Zhu, ZhiQiang; Padmanaban Ranganathan
452007Analysis of inventory management models of raw materials in non-deterministic situations for a pharmaceutical company.Khor, Thomas Si Ming.
462006Robot programming using augmented realityChong, Jonathan Wun Shiung
472003Collaborative engineering for the hard disk drive industry in SingaporeTay, Brian; Wang, Yexin; Yang, Rongling
482003Developing input solutions for next generation mobile devicesXu, Xin; Yang, Cheng; Vignesh Ezhilarasan; Maya Venkataramani
492005Improvement study on internal supply chain system in offshore industryChen, Lin; Hengky Wirawan; Hulman Soaloon
502004Reduction of production lead time in metal injection molding (MIM) processDiao, Zongjie; Josef, Velda; Wong, Fook Heng
Results 1-50 of 157 (Search time: 0.75 seconds).