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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Experiencing, coping with, and resolving conflict in a team sportTan, Yong Yuan
22018Land of lilies & Mandarins : Western representations of China from 1927 to 1950Cheung, Cally Hiu Tung
32010Synthetic aperture radar image process and analysisWen, Bihan
42019Bronsted acid mediated Z-selective synthesis of phenylethylidene indoles from 3-diazooxindolesWang, Xinzhu
51997Evaluation of selected health sciences web-sitesChua, Siew Bee.
62019Unconventional physical activity promotion : exploring the effectiveness of DDP yoga through sentiment analysis on TwitterLim, Ryan
71997Information as a tool for management decision making : a case study of SingaporeDe Alwis, Shrianjani Marie Gina
82019A comparative study of the vocabulary in primary school Chinese textbooks in the perspective of distribution, usage & level of difficultyQuek, Germaine Jiamin
92019Match performance variables influential in selection into the English national football teamHe, Qixiang
101998Paper quality of the National Library Board of Singapore's legal deposit collection as an indicator of the collection's longevityParminder Kaur.
7512022Adherence to parent reported Singapore integrated 24-hour activity for preschoolers (3 to 6.9 years old) and their well-beingKoh, Sophia Xue Fei
7522014Influence of court surfaces on impact cushioning during basketball lay-upQuek, Raymond Kai Kiat
7532015Students' experiences with and perceptions of Mosston's teaching styles in mainstream Singapore schoolsLau, Vera Shi Min
7542019Effects of precooling on physiological and performance response in a warm and humid environment in exercises with intermittent sprintingChua, Junhui
7551999Interface for incorporating the results of a citation analysis study in web searchingQian, Wei Zhong
7562019Understanding women’s perceptions towards engaging in resistance trainingTiew, Jia Quan
7572019Effects of overnight fasting on body fat oxidation during aerobic exercise among healthy menSoh, Rachel Jing Wen
7582021Proceedings of the URECA@NTU 2020-2021Students of URECA Programme
7592019Think fast, think slow : algebra learningChiang, Florence Siu Sia
7602021Effects of motivational audio on running distance and perceived effort in recreational runningHilman Farid Mohamed Aris
7612020Attitudes towards missing school to represent Singapore in overseas sporting competition : a study on secondary school athletesGoh, Hilda Ru Bin
7621996The design and development of "virtual travel MART" on the internetWang, Jianqun.
7632022Effects of ice slurry ingestion on 5km run time and thermoregulatory responsesLee, Leroi Rong Zu
7641995Evaluation of help systems in electronic information retrieval products and library systemsLim, Ann Kwee Lang.
7651998Study of the role change of paraprofessional staff in librariesChow, Wun Han.
7662016Implementation strategies associated with social support provided by coaches in a Singaporean UniversityLaw, Bryan Heng Rang
7672018Movement variation and efficiency of traditional vs standup cycling in sprints : a pilot studySee, Edzel Khai Wee
7682020Assessment of sport nutrition knowledge in Singaporean athletesMuhammad Ibrahim Nasaruddin
7692017Effects of submaximal resistance exercise on resting fat oxidation and resting metabolic rate in young womenLeung, Cherie Ka-Wai
7701999Query expansion using lexical-semantic relationsLee, Yuet Meng.
7712018Effects of video-based technology to improve performance of a soccer player’s direct free kickTan, Mark Mu Zhou
7722018Effects of soy milk ingestion on running anaerobic sprint test (RAST) performancePan, Shi Yu
7731997The role of computers in support of learning processesTiong, Chui Huong.
7741996Effects of process parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a squeeze cast aluminium alloyChua, Philip Chiew Ho.
7752015Determine squat depth with angles of hip, knee and ankle, and examine its relation with vertical jump heightLeong, Wui Leng
7762021The effects of kinesiology tape on static and dynamic stability in individuals with chronic ankle instabilitySiti Nur Syakirin Puteri Kamsani
7771997Developing a preservation and weeding program for SAFTI Military Institute LibraryTay, Jenny Ai Gek.
7782018The use of information communication and technology tools to maximise students’ learning in sports In Singapore schoolsLeo, Crystal Hui Qi
7792022The characteristics of vertical ground reaction forces between midfoot and rearfoot running gaitsLee, Yun Xuan
7801999ELEVIEW : an active elevator monitoring vision systemXiao, Ping
7811999Industrial attachment report : RealSoft Private LimitedWong, Steven Kai Juan.
7822011Stereo painting : towards new aesthetic in painting todayYew, Ivan Yong Xiang
7832012Intelligent control & navigation of octocopterYuan, Shenghai
7842018A topic modelling approach for reviewing research on motor behaviourOng, Angelyn Hui Sze
7852000Slope-based analysis and construction of frequency hopping spread spectrum codesWang, Xiao Lei.
7862021Intensity of badminton (shadow) drill and badminton matchNg, Kai Cong
7872019Two pillars of football’s popularity in Singapore : television viewership and amateur leaguesTai, Qi Jun
7882007Novel electricity source from food waste using microbial fuel cellEkklesia, Eveline
7892012Calvino and other measures of coherence, form and harmony : Invisible cities, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler and Mr. PalomarCheong, Adel Xian Hui.
7902011Daughters of GodChai, Jac-Quinn; Lai, Ka Hei; Ng, Yiling; Tolentino Anna Karenina Valencia
Results 1-50 of 1116 (Search time: 0.835 seconds).