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12020新加坡华乐团音乐会节目册的翻译技巧策略 = Translation strategies for programme notes by Singapore Chinese Orchestra梁莹轩 Leong, Ying Xuan
22019迟子建文学作品中保护意识的产生、展现及意义 = Formation, presence and significance of protection consciousness in Chi Zijian’s literature work高畅 Gao, Chang
32019What is truth? The production of historical knowledge in Singapore on the 1950s and 1960sLee, Christopher Si Jie
42019诗意消夏 :吴历《墨井草堂消夏图》研究 = Poetic way to idle away the summer : a study of Wu Li's "Whiling Away the Summer"房捷敏 Fong, Jie Min
52020Javanese-Singaporeans : changing perceptions and practice in culture and identity during post-1965 SingaporeAhmad Syafiq Moklas
62019Challenging the ugliness of beauty : beautification as an instrument of female agencyChong, Eunice Chin Hui
72021方言与幽默字幕翻译的受众接受研究 :以台湾电影《大尾鲈鳗》为例 = Investigating dialect and humour subtitling in Taiwanese film David Loman : an audience reception study黄筱茹 Ng, Casey Xiao Ru
82020A turning point : the role of “race politics” behind the downfall of secret societies in Malaya during the mid-19th century to late-19th centurySeow, Yu Da
92021中国大陆文化软实力对台湾政治安全的影响 :以偶像养成类综艺选秀节目为案例分析 = The influence of mainland China’s cultural soft power on Taiwan's political security : a case study on idol survival variety programmes王凯义 Ong, Kai Yi
102019马共、复调与互文性 :从《餐风饮露》看汉素音再现的马来亚紧急状态 = Communist Party of Malaya, polyphony and intertextuality : an analysis of Malayan Emergency in Han Suyin “And The Rain My Drink”黄琬荃 Ng, Kaycee Wan Quan
112019从新加坡的全球化中看潮州八邑会馆的转型 = Looking at the transformation of the Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan from the globalisation of Singapore陈思敏 Tan, Si Min
122021"中华胶不胶?" :从媒体留言分析探讨马来西亚华人的对中立场 = Sinophobia or Sinophilia? Discussing the identity confusion among Malaysian Chinese : based on the comments analysis李政辉 Lee, Chan Hui
132020一个马华作家的自觉 :黎紫书《告别的年代》的解构意识 = The consciousness of Malaysian Chinese writer : deconstruction in Li Zishu’s Gao Bie De Nian Dai (An age of farewell)沈佳乐 Sem, Jia Le
142021The new woman of Meiji Japan : a study of the sociology of the new woman through literary expressionNeo, Charmaine Kai Ling
152018育龄女性与人口结构 :探讨现今中国育龄女性的受教育程度 对人口结构的影响 = Women of childbearing age and demographics : the impact of the educational level of current women of childbearing age in China on demographics吴羽婷 Wu Yuting
162019比较王久良和柯金源 :中国与台湾的环境纪录片 = A comparison of Jiu-Liang Wang and Chin-Yuan Ke : China and Taiwan environmental documentaries赖洁仪 Lye, Esther Jie Yi
172021Pragmatics of convincement : how we deceive with the truthLoh, Bryan Yih Jing
182020A model green city? : the history of conservation discourse in Singapore 1965 to the presentTan, Yee Ting
192020Singapore's Japanese community : a study in migration, acculturation, and transforming identities (1920-1942, 1970-1995)Yuri Yamaguchi
202019The influence of religious institutions on language maintenance in SingaporeSiti Amirah Mohd Amin
212020Is patriotism a sufficient justification for liberal democracies to coerce conscription?Tan, Jared Yue Rong
222020Linguistic insecurity in Singapore through the lens of lingual voice quality settingsLow, Joel Yong Sik
232020Deconstructing the sexual experience: a phenomenological study of sexual desire and sexual encountersSanthanam, Kashsmeraa
242020从意识形态的构建探究主旋律电影和文化软实力的关系 :以《流浪地球》为例 = The construction of ideologies in “The Wandering Earth” : the relationship between main melody films and China’s soft power刘鈺鈴 Low, Tina Yu Ling
252020‘God loves you’ : in defence of theological statementsD'Cruz, Joseph Edwin
262019You look familiar … but what’s your name? Word learning in Singaporean older adultsTan, Justina Yu Han
272020新华作家作品中再现的新加坡 :以希尼尔为例 = Representation of the nation in Singapore Chinese literature – a case study of Xi Ni Er蔡茗怡 Chai, Min Yee
282019Like what?Tan, Rachel Jiayi
292020"Mee siam mai hum" : style-shifting and code-mixing in election ralliesTeoh, Yong Qin
302021A pet's life : the liminality of companion animals in post-war SingaporeChee, Zong Ze
312020社会记忆与身份认同 :新加坡连续剧《红头巾》案例分析 = Case study of TV series Samsui Women : analysis of the construction of social memory and national identity陈嘉懿 Tan, Jia Yi
322021Can virtue contextualism resolve the Gettier problem?Du, Racher Jiaqi
332020初探中文奇幻电影中的生态意识 :以《长江7号》、《捉妖记》和《捉妖记2》为例 = A study of ecocritical awareness in Chinese fantasy films using CJ7, monster hunt and monster hunt 2 as examples纪鸣凤 Kee, Ming Feng
342019Hold, delete, suppress : a study of press censorship in occupied JapanYeo, Cavin Jia Hao
352020国家认同的潜移默化 : 新加坡钞票图像传达的信息分析 = Imperceptible construction of national identity : an analysis of the information conveyed by the images of Singapore banknotes王晞宁 Ong, Sze Leng
362019Of lions and dragons : hybridity and female political power in Game of ThronesThaheera Salam Mohamed Althaf
372021Contractualism and COVID-19 : deontic motivations to improve migrant worker welfare in SingaporeMohammad Aashiq Anshad
382020翻译功能与译语文化 :以目的论来探析新加坡式英语译版的《小王子》= Translation function and target language : a study on Singlish translation “The Leeter Tunku” from the perspective of skopos theory林嘉欣 Lim, Jia Xin
392021The vanguard of imagination : a survey of photography in colonial SingaporeNg, Shawn Shao-En
402021机器翻译错误类型分析与译后编辑策略 : 以新加坡 YouTube 创作者的视频字幕为例 = Machine translation error type analysis and post-editing strategies : a case study on Singaporean YouTube creators' video subtitles王筱玥 Ong, Xiao Yue
412020The non-culpability of moral ignoranceLong, Veronica Kai Hui
422019Deconstructing the tuberculosis 'threat' from 1946-1985Goh, Zhao Jie
432021A tale of three : the KMT's promotion of the Chinese cultural renaissance movement in Australia, the USA and SingaporeTang, Timothy Xu Yang
442021新加坡华语的现状与前瞻 :以儿童和成人语言产出、小学华文课本及新闻媒体语言为依据的探讨 = Current trends and future development in Singapore Mandarin : an examination based on the speech production of children and adults, Chinese textbooks used for primary school children, and language use in news media胡翠月 Foo, Cui Yet
452019Constructing a concept of woman : women’s universal fear of sexual harassment and assaultHyliana Mohamed
462019清末女性解放运动的厌女症研究 = Feminism in China : an analysis of misogyny in the feminism movement in late Qing dynasty朱彤萱 Cho, Tong Xuan
472021一首 "长恨" "长" 又 "恨" :《长恨歌》作为 "新乐府" 的解读 = The eternalised hatred of ‘The Song of Everlasting Hatred’ : from the perspective of the ‘YueFu’ movement曾思慧 Chew, Si Hui
482021Penari menari ('dancing dancers') : Malay dance and Malay identity in Singapore, 1900s-presentKhairunnisa Nabilah Zainal Abidin
492021墙外的空间 :空间理论视角下的新加坡街头壁画 = Beyond the wall : a spatial perspective of street murals in Singapore李思蕙 Lee, Regina Shi Hui
502020Are Chinese Singaporean university students willing to speak in Mandarin?Ong, Wei Jie
Results 1-50 of 543 (Search time: 0.67 seconds).