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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021A neurocognitive approach to understand the role of familiarity with musical style and individual differences in music-evoked emotionsHeng, Gladys Jiamin
22021How situation affects personality expression in word use : trait relevance and situation strengthChen, Jiayu
32019Essays on incentives and cooperation in Tullock contests : an experimental approachLan, Xiaoqing
42019Formal long-term care : informal caregivers’ subjective well-being and service utilizationChong, Wayne Freeman Weien
52019Neural underpinnings of dynamic in-groups and out-groups based on ethnicity and culture in multicultural societiesRaghunath, Bindiya Lakshmi
62019The emigration of Filipino nurses : policies, bilateral cooperation, and migration-developmentCabanda, Exequiel Camarig
72019Challenges of teaching phonics-based reading remediation in SingaporeLeung, Wai Tung
82020Investigating the role of self-sacrificing prosociality in intragroup and intergroup contextsKatna, Dashalini P.
92021Essays on culture and innovationsJayasekara Dinithi Nilanga
102022Understanding the motivations to become a public humanities or social studies secondary school teacher in Singapore: a mixed methods based studyKwa, Kai Xiang
112019The air-conditioned man : the construction of masculinity in Singapore school choirsWye, Calvin Chong Kit
122020Essays on behavioral heterogeneity and asset pricingLi, Changtai
132021From hobbyist to professional : the identities of esports and game development professionals in SingaporeChua, Victoria Puay Ru
142020Meta-analysis of the efficacy of best possible self : a positive psychology interventionFong, Kuan Wei
152021Effect of selective transcranial direct current stimulation on dorsal and ventral pathways of readingBhattacharjee, Sagarika
162019Developing a hierarchical model of personality and motivation to predict youth volunteerism : a cross-culture studyNgo, Thuy Anh
172019Two models of dark triad traits and self-regulation dilemma predicting IP theft through self-deceptionYeo, Diana Mui Kheng
182018Three essays on public management capacity building in BangladeshHaque, Ariful
192020Tears make you look sadder even when you are scowling or smiling : exploring the sadness enhancement effect of emotional tearsOng, Chew Wei
202018Three essays in inequality and health economicsNi, Xinwen
212019Linking rehabilitation and re-integration process to examine re-offending behaviourLee, Kit Ying
222019Creative imaginings : the production of aesthetic culture by choral music practitioners in SingaporeMohamed Shahril Mohamed Salleh
232022Mental workload and eye movements during conditionally automated driving in hazardous environmentsDu, Bo
242021Is the halo effect universal? An investigation of the generalizability and applications of the halo effectGabrieli, Giulio
252021Boon or bane? : The role of filial piety, relationship quality, caregiver gender on work-family interface among working caregivers of the elderlyLeong, Anthony Xueheng
262022Essays on state capacity, governance and public goodManchanda, Stuti
272019Essays on development economicsWang, Wen
282021Three essays on bureaucracy : post-communist contextMussagulova, Assel
292022Short-term and long-term effects of psychosocial factors on changes in medical adherence among patients with coronary heart diseaseFan, Yunge
302019A cultural study of Disney's Star Wars : theorizing circuit of cultureVaidya, Ruta
312018Caregiving for individuals with neurodevelopmental disability-influence of implicit attitudes and affiliate stigma on expressed emotionsNee, Michelle Si Hui
322021Three essays on behavioral and experimental economicsLi, Yupeng
332018Essays on the economic impact of religiosity and family tiesJi, Yaling
342019Perception of norm clarity and punishment in affecting value-expressive behaviorsLiu, Mengru
352019Monte Carlo examination of common approaches for detecting response stylesFan, Qianqian
362019In the presence of god : does acceptance by god increase prosocial behavior?Woo, Yue Ting
372021Essays on the political economy of mass media and representationShen, Yan Shun
382019Alexithymia and socio-emotional processing : a multi-modal approachSou, Ka Lon
392018Essays on international financial integrationTan, Sook Rei
402018The art of effective interpersonal trust repair : fixing a broken trust between strangersLim, Yu Sin
412022Using virtual reality to understand context-dependent spatial memorySam, Joyce Yan Ting
422018Authoritarian deliberation and government controlQin, Xuan
432019Essays on innovation, central bank digital currency and asset pricingGeorge, Ammu
442020Detecting markers of radicalisation in social media posts : the role of person-centric and psychosocial risk factors, and protective factorsNeo, Loo Seng
452022Narration and re-narration: a case study on the translation of Wuhan diaryMa, Ruixue
462022Face identification: the effects of head orientation and disguise on initial eye movementsMuhammad Shahir Adha Modh Zakaria
472019Grandparenting and intergenerational solidarity in multi-ethnic SingaporeNarayanankutty, Sreeja
482019Between transnational network and the state : the globalization of diasporic Chinese voluntary associationsLin, Chia Tsun
492019Human behavior and tipping point of bank runsQiao, Huang
502021Design, measurement, and analysis considerations and evaluations in intensive longitudinal methodLim, Jie Xin
Results 1-50 of 81 (Search time: 0.531 seconds).