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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012The effect of auditory training on speech-in-noise performance by elderly bilinguals in Singapore : a pilot study evaluating laceAng, Natania Shuyi
22009The funeralTan, Darren Chet Hua; Wang, Junjie; Zhang, Johnson Zhengyong; Ang, Guangzheng
32012文化霸权与新加坡华文教育: 以南洋大学为例 = Cultural hegemony and chinese education in Singapore : Nanyang University as a case study赖思延 Lai, Siyan
42014Aspects of the grammar of the Ngeq languageChia, Stephen Wei Shi
52012The theatrics of 'not-being' : rehearsing death in postmodern theatreNg, Carmen Siang Nan.
62011Analytical study of methods to reduce excavation-induced movementsAryani, Febrina
72011Climate change and SingaporeLee, Kay Li
82012Fabrication and comparison of RO-like and NF-like forward osmosis membranesChen, Eugene Jian Hong.
92012“C’mon, I was just teasing” : a look into functions of teasing amongst young SingaporeansHo, Priscilla Xin Ni.
102009無蟹可擊 = Crab!Ng, Clement Xunjie.; Teo, Christina Jolene.; Hong, Yongxin.; Siew, Sara Phui Yee.
112010Poetry as postmodernZhang, Jieqiang
122011Climate change and SingaporeNg, Gwendolyn Ling Kuan
132011The pursuit of enlightenment and the Singaporean buddhist monasticsNguyen, Thi Gia Hoang.
142014The aspectual system in Singapore HokkienTan, Cheryl Xue Er
152012小娘惹•大政府: 看《小娘惹》里国家意识形态的展演 = Staging national ideology through peranakan lens : a case study of The Little Nonya傅诗惠 Poh, Shi Hui
162012Greenhouse gas mitigation strategies : a ship operator’s perspective in the container shipping industryLin, Shimin.
172012Smelling like a man : a socio-olfactory analysis of masculinity in SingaporeNur Amin Shah Hashim.
182012The effect of early bilingualism on working memory and related cognitive functions : a study on the Singaporean ageing populationKastoori Kalaivanan
192013由“继善成性”到“成性存存”:试论儒家哲学“善”概念 的两层含义 = From the “experiential stage” to the “transcendent stage” of moral existence : a commentary on the multiple connotations of the “Shan” concept in confucian tradition侯展捷 How, Zhan Jie
202011The effects of music-induced emotions on English-Chinese bilinguals' resolution of standing ambiguityHo, Sher Min
212012Position of the elderly in Singapore LL : literacy assessment of the Singaporean elderlySoh, Yu Bin.
222012Water saturation effects on the tensile strength of rocksJong, Ming Chuan
232013Film literacy & education in Singapore : learning about movies, learning through moviesTan, Yuan Sheng; Ou, Xin Ying; Kitnasamy, Sivanessan
242012Theatre of the street : subverting otherness in photographyRr Apriani Kartika Dristiningsih.
252011Daughters of GodChai, Jac-Quinn; Lai, Ka Hei; Ng, Yiling; Tolentino Anna Karenina Valencia
262013重构公民性 :马国社运份子黄进发的案例研究 = Reconfiguring citizenship : a case study of Malaysian social activist Wong Chin-Huat施伟良 See, Clement Wei-Liang
272013Rise & shine breakfast campaignLow, Hee Ann; Quek, Hui Ying; Tan, Wei Yuan; Ng, Wilson Kok Jung
282011The application of Microtremor Survey Method in investigating the geological formation of SingaporeMuhammad Azri Omar.
292011“Auntie Lucy” 男扮女装的操弄策略 = Manipulative strategy of "Auntie Lucy" 's cross-dressing郭思慧 Quek, Ser Hwee
302010John Banville : interpreting reality through fictionGeorge, Tissina
312012The ‘Government’ in our lives : an exploratory study of ideology and the Singapore middle classYap, Si Hong.
322013Social cues & cyberbullying in facebook : the effects of flaming messages, friend count and anonymity on cyberbullying behaviorsChan, Hui Ling; Kok, Yinghui; Ong, Jeremy; Yuvitasari, Fitrina
332013Progressivity and non-compliance in the interactions between children with autism and their parentsChen, Rachel Siew Yoong.
342009Nintendo Wii as an intervention : improving the well-being of elderly in long-term care facilitiesKoay, Jing Li; Ng, Janissa Sihui; Wong, Gladys Li Chieh
352011Unplug! world wider than WWW : a campaign addressing internet dependency amongst youth in SingaporeChew, Wen Jing; Lim, Xinyi; Loh, Cheryl; Quee, Yan Jing
362009For rentLim, Xin Hui.; Goh, Moy Yen.; Ong, Kai Wen.; Thong, Serene Wan Ling.
372012Mythical heroines : the appropriation of myth in reconstructing female identities in ethnic American literatureGoh, I-Mei.
382011Hindu worship in contemporary SingaporeSangeetha Madasamy.
392012辞别的姿态: 解读黎紫书《告别的年代》= The way we say goodbye : the study of Li Zishu's gao bie de nian dai (the era of farewell)丘珞君 Chu, Luo Jun
402011International student mobility : understanding the mobility patterns and adjustment strategies of Indian international students in NTUTang, Kelvin Kok Wei.
412012Best of both worlds : hybrid identities of mixed-race individuals in SingaporeLim, Tricia Anna.
422012Language attitudes towards Singapore mandarin and putonghua : a comparison between Singaporean chinese and Chinese nationalsHo, Yen Yee.
432010Model study of the salt accumulation effect on the membrane performance in osmotic membrane bioreactorXiao, Dezhong.
442012A comparative culture and gender study : self, parents, and media influences on adolescents’ exercise intentionsChin, Chi Hua; Leong, Sin Yu; Liang, Job Berlian Putera; Loke, Evadne Yixin
452010Dangerous goods regulating system in SingaporeCui, Yifang
462012Effects of apron length on jet flipping below a sluice gateTionardy, Andrew Julius.
472010Tapping informal networks “Guanxi” with information and communication technologies : empowering rural doctors in Xi’an, ChinaTran, Khanh Phuong; Chia, Cathy Wei Si; Ng, Felicia Su Hway
482012The artifice that endures the burden of the past : analysing memory in Angela Carter's fictional worksYuvaneswari.
492010AlterNatives : the changing face of EuropeHuang, Huifen.; Lee, Lynnette Yu Ying.; Poon, Chian Hui.
502011An insider’s guide to the street dance subculture in SingaporeWong, Elke Pao Yi.
Results 1-50 of 98 (Search time: 0.948 seconds).