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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Study of calligraphic brushwork in Singapore watercolour artNg, Woon Lam 
22014Art and design pedagogy for tomorrow’s lifelong learnersPun, Siu Kay
32010Singapore voices : an interactive installation about languages to (re)(dis)cover the intergenerational distanceLindborg, PerMagnus
42016On the Name of Book Wrighting: Irma Boom’s “Transformative Crossover” ProductionBoom, Irma; Ojeda, Danne
52012Collaborative learning : a means to creative thinking in designPun, Siu Kay.
62015Interactive Sonification of Weather Data for The Locust Wrath, a Multimedia Dance PerformanceLindborg, PerMagnus
72004“Leçons”: an Approach to a System for Machine Learning, Improvisation and Musical PerformanceLindborg, PerMagnus
82011Communication as a cognitive tool in visual learningPun, Siu Kay.
92018Comparison of practical color application by visual artists in different fields : a sharing of their learning, teaching, and practical experience of color theoryNg, Woon Lam
102017Conceptions of design research : discursive phenomenography in undergraduate visual communication design researchYeo, Jesvin Puay-Hwa; Koh, Caroline; Chye, Stefanie Yen-Leng
112010Visual language skills – do business students need themPun, Siu Kay
122018Connecting reminiscence, art making and cultural heritage: A pilot art-for-dementia care programmeTan, Michael Koon Boon
132004This tumult in the clouds': CRW Nevinson and the development of the 'airscape'Walsh, Michael J K
142022What’s the big tridea?Winstanley, Lisa
152014Colonial volunteerism and recruitment in the British empire during the Great WarVarnava, Andrekos; Walsh, Michael J K
162014Pedagogy for creative collaborationPun, Siu-Kay
172021Crafting the next generation of web-based learning tools for manuscript artefacts in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. A focus on science, technology, and engineering codices, world maps, and archival documents in exhibition settingsNanetti, Andrea; Radzi, Zaqeer; Benvenuti, Davide
182010Joseph Beuys: Una domesticación posible de lo cotidiano = Joseph Beuys: A Possible Domestication of the Status QuoOjeda, Danne
192018Heritage visualisation and potential speculative reconstructions in digital space : the medieval church of St. Anne in Famagusta, CyprusWalsh, Michael John Kirk; Bernardello, Rachele A.
202019The British Football Academy : a design thinking approach to branding strategyWinstanley, Lisa
212021Defining heritage science : a consilience pathway to treasuring the complexity of inheritable human experiences through historical method, AI and MLNanetti, Andrea
222016Conclusion and future work : provenance and validation from the humanities to automatic acquisition of semantic knowledge and machine reading for news and historical sources indexing/summaryNanetti, Andrea; Lin, Chin-Yew; Cheong, Siew Ann
232013An overview of research methods in visual communication design educationYeo, Jesvin Puay-Hwa
242016Porous EmeraldLindborg, PerMagnus
252015Psychoacoustic, physical, and perceptual features of restaurants : a field survey in SingaporeLindborg, PerMagnus
262015Maps as Knowledge Aggregators: from Renaissance Italy Fra Mauro to Web Search EnginesNanetti, Andrea; Cattaneo, Angelo; Cheong, Siew Ann; Lin, Chin-Yew
272019Wandering machines narrativity in generative artTodorović, Vladimir; Grba, Dejan
282017Phasmagraphy: A potential future for artistic imagingReinhuber, Elke
292009Creative thinking through visual literacyPun, Siu Kay
302018Enhancing the experience of the Western Xia Imperial Tombs heritage site (PRC, Ningxia) through animated installationsNanetti, Andrea; Shedd, Ben Alvin; Luo, Shen-Shen
312-Jun-2016Modalità e tempi dell’inizio del domino diretto dei venetici sul Peloponneso (1204-1209) e la scelta di governare direttamente solo Korone e MethoneAndrea Nanetti
322017Knowledge evolution in physics research: An analysis of bibliographic coupling networksLiu, Wenyuan; Nanetti, Andrea; Cheong, Siew Ann
332015Colour Association with Music Is Mediated by Emotion: Evidence from an Experiment Using a CIE Lab Interface and InterviewsLindborg, PerMagnus; Friberg, Anders K.
342018Towards a caring practice : reflections on the processes and components of arts-health practiceTan, Michael Koon Boon
352018Cross-modal perception of noise-in-music : audiences generate spiky shapes in response to auditory roughness in a novel electroacoustic concert settingLiew, Kongmeng; Lindborg, PerMagnus; Rodrigues, Ruth; Styles, Suzy J.
362016A taxonomy of sound sources in restaurantsLindborg, PerMagnus
372018Exaggerated expectations in ancient starch research and the need for new taphonomic and authenticity criteriaMercader, Julio; Akeju, Tolutope; Brown, Melisa; Bundala, Mariam; Collins, Matthew J.; Copeland, Les; Crowther, Alison; Dunfield, Peter; Henry, Amanda; Inwood, Jamie; Itambu, Makarius; Kim, Joong-Jae; Larter, Steve; Longo, Laura; Oldenburg, Thomas; Patalano, Robert; Sammynaiken, Ramaswami; Soto, María; Tyler, Robert; Xhauflair, Hermine
382016Personality traits bias the perceived quality of sonic environmentsLindborg, PerMagnus; Friberg, Anders
392012Gunboat diplomacy : Turkey, USA and the advent of the cold warİnanç, Gül.; Yilmaz, Şuhnaz.
402021Incorporating Chinese calligraphic concept in 3D spaceNg, Woon Lam
412001Houses of Mendicant Orders in the Venetian Messenia: the documentary evidence until 1500 (Case di ordini mendicanti nella Messenia veneziana: testimonianze documentarie fino al 1500)Andrea Nanetti
422017The urban beautician : a practice of transferring ephemeral interventions in the public space via media into a work of artReinhuber, Elke
432022The emergence of graphene research topics through interactions within and beyondNguyen, Ai Linh; Liu, Wenyuan; Khor, Khiam Aik; Nanetti, Andrea; Cheong, Siew Ann
442007Releasing engineers' creativity using media experiencePun, Siu Kay.
452019Layered images : the desire to see more than the obviousReinhuber, Elke; Rall, Hannes; Pelz, Sebastian
462011In the company of treesDavis, Lucy.
472016Venturing out safely: The biogeography of Homo erectus dispersal out of AfricaCarotenuto, F.; Tsikaridze, N.; Rook, L.; Lordkipanidze, D.; Longo, Laura; Condemi, Silvana; Raia, P.
482002Documents of the notary Victor Gaffaro. For a virtual archive of Venetian documents drawn up in Constantinople (1336-1341)Andrea Nanetti
492018Practical application of browns and grays based on a vector concept : the practical strength the asymmetrical Munsell color spaceNg, Woon Lam
502022A pile of ghosts: a cinematic heterotopia of spectral urbanizationRaidel, Ella
Results 1-50 of 68 (Search time: 0.487 seconds).