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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020一个马华作家的自觉 :黎紫书《告别的年代》的解构意识 = The consciousness of Malaysian Chinese writer : deconstruction in Li Zishu’s Gao Bie De Nian Dai (An age of farewell)沈佳乐 Sem, Jia Le
22021耽美剧的传播与审查 :对当代亚文化社群的详细观察 = Dissemination and censorship in boys' love drama : a detailed observation of subcultural group黄宇璇 Wee, Yu Xuan
32020九十年代香港城市书写 :以董启章《繁胜录》为例 = Narrating Hong Kong in 1990s : a case study of Dung Kai-Cheung’s visible city李佳文 Li, Jiawen
42021当青春成为最后的乌托邦 :探析 "小字辈" 文本所影射的文化现象 = When youth becomes the last utopia : a study of the 'tiny texts' cultural phenomena王捷灵 Ong, Cerys Jie Ling
52020古今女性社会性别建构的跨文本研究 :以木兰诗词、戏、电影为例 = Mulan’s cross-text research on the construction of female gender identity in ancient and modern times王佳慧 Ong, Jia Hui
62020从林奕含的《房思琪的初恋乐园》谈社会议题与文学实践 = Fang Si-Chi’s First Love Paradise by Lin Yi-Han : the literary intervention in Taiwan’s MeToo movement莫静璇 Bok, Jing Xuen
72021论当代华语青春电影中青少年的创伤与调节 = A study of modern Chinese youth movies : the trauma and reconciliation of youths朱铭敬 Choo, Ming Jing
82020《芳华》的同名电影改编研究 = Research on the film adaptation of "Fang Hua"郑惠文 Tay, Vivian Hui Woon
92021论香港同志电影的发展特点 = The characteristics of Hong Kong gay movies罗葹婷 Low, Shi Ting


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