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12021一首 "长恨" "长" 又 "恨" :《长恨歌》作为 "新乐府" 的解读 = The eternalised hatred of ‘The Song of Everlasting Hatred’ : from the perspective of the ‘YueFu’ movement曾思慧 Chew, Si Hui
22020“哪吒故事” 的现代改编 :以动画电影《哪吒之魔童降世》为探讨中心 = Modern adaptation of “The story of Ne Zha” : focus on animated film Ne Zha徐紫君 Xu, Zijun
32021欧阳修 "治道" 观的思想依据 :以其早期政论文为探讨中心 = On the grounding of Ouyang Xiu's political ideals : reading of Ouyang Xiu's early political writings (1034-1048)王康惟 Ong, Ernest Kan Wee
42020诸葛亮的书信与汉魏晋书信体文学 = Zhuge Liang and the letter writings during the Han, Wei and Western Jin periods蒋佩燕 Jiang, Jasmine Peiyan
52020“华校” 对传承中华文化的贡献:以醒南小学为个案 = The contribution of “Chinese School” in the continuation of Chinese culture : a case study on Xingnan Primary School黄玫婷 Huang, Meiting
62021小说《后宫·甄嬛传》中的花卉意象解析 = Analysis of flower image in Chinese novel legend of Zhenhuan陈淽偌 Tan, Jee Yue
72020论中唐诗歌中的 “胡妆” = A study of “Hu makeup” in Middle Tang poetry赵思淇 Zhao, Siqi
82020“男扮女声”的心理机制探寻 :唐代弃妇诗的一种考察 = Psychological motivation behind male authors’ writing from women’s perspective : a study on abandoned women in Tang poetry刘鹏程 Liu, Pengcheng
92021金庸武侠小说中的“面具”人物 :以杨过、黄药师、程英为探讨中心 = The "Mask characters" in Jin Yong's Wuxia novels : focusing on Yang Guo, Huang Yaoshi and Cheng Ying方一然 Fang, Yiran
102020论明清战争小说中的 “矮将美妻” 现象 = On phenomenon of “dwarf generals and their pretty wives” in Ming and Qing military romance赵芳茗 Zhao, Fang Ming
112021唐代文学中的 "巫山" "神女" 情结 :以元稹作品为例 = The complex of "Wushan" "Goddess" in Tang literature : a case study on Yuan Zhen's works王雪 Wang, Xue
Results 1-11 of 11 (Search time: 0.178 seconds).


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