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12020从意识形态的构建探究主旋律电影和文化软实力的关系 :以《流浪地球》为例 = The construction of ideologies in “The Wandering Earth” : the relationship between main melody films and China’s soft power刘鈺鈴 Low, Tina Yu Ling
22020初探中文奇幻电影中的生态意识 :以《长江7号》、《捉妖记》和《捉妖记2》为例 = A study of ecocritical awareness in Chinese fantasy films using CJ7, monster hunt and monster hunt 2 as examples纪鸣凤 Kee, Ming Feng
32020从《别告诉她》和《狗十三》探讨成长小说的代沟和个人与集体对立的主题 = An exploration on the themes of generational divide and individualism versus collectivism via coming-of-age films such as The Farewell and Einstein and Einstein卓敏仪 Toh, Felicia Ming Yee
42021主流中的边缘人﹕从《谁先爱上他的》看华人社会中的同妻形象 = Mainstream outsider : a study of the image of “Tongqi”(Gay Man’s Wife) in Chinese society in Dear Ex林佳敏 Lim, Jasmine
52021论《红楼梦》:以中西生态美学赏 "花" = The beauty of flowers in A Dream of Red Mansions : from the perspective of Western environmental aesthetics and Chinese ecological aesthetics蔡佳慧 Chai, Jia Hui
62020从吴明益《复眼人》看自然书写 = Nature writing in Wu Ming-Yi's the man with the compound eyes云嘉慧 Hoon, Jacinda Jia Hui
72021「中国宠物电影」中的生态体现和市场价值 = Chinese pet movies' ecocritical reflections and market value林家慧 Lim, Crystal Jia Hui
82020浅析丰子恺《护生画集》中“护生即护心”的美学思想 = A short analysis on Feng Zikai’s paintings for the Preservation of Life: Exploring the aesthetic thoughts within the idea of “life preservation is equivalent to protecting one’s heart”曾鑫滢 Chan, Anna Xin Ying
92020对比剧情电影和纪录片中精神疾患者的再现 :以《你好,疯子!》、《神探》、《疯爱》为例 = Comparing Chinese fictional and documentary films in their representations of patients with mental disorder许真睿 Ko, Melisa Zen Rae


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