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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Investigation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a nickel copper alloy printed by laser metal depositionQuek, Qian Mei
22022Mechanical properties of multi jet fusion-printed polyamide 12 composites reinforced by glass beads and glass fibresChan, Jacob Wei Xuan
32021Distortion analysis and compensation trials in powder bed fusion 3D metal printingMahadhir Ahmad
420223D printing of titanium matrix compositesKoh, Zhe Quan
52021Anisotropic properties of a copper alloy printed by directed energy depositionWong, Derrance Guan Yu
62022Investigation of the strain sensing performance of 3D-printed electrically conductive polymeric nanocompositesKoh, Peng Hoi
72021Investigation on the processing - microstructure - property relationship of 3D-printed thermoplastic polyurethaneRussell, Eber Perry
82022Effects of process parameters on the tensile properties of ABS/CB polymeric composites printed by fused filament fabricationTan, Kai Ni
92020Mechanical properties of polyamide 11 and thermoplastic polyurethane polymers fabricated by multi jet fusionLim, Sean
102021Effect of heat treatment on the mechanical properties of 3D-printed polyamide 12 compositesChoo, Jasper Yeng Chee
1120223D printing of bioinspired microstructures for unidirectional liquid transportTang, Chun Koi
122021Investigation on the processing-microstructure-property correlation of 3D-printed bronze parts for marine and offshore applicationsLeok, Yong Han
132022Investigation of maraging steel M789 parts fabricated by direct energy depositionHon, Cheng Hui
142022Anisotropic mechanical properties of a 3D printed nickel aluminum bronzeToo, Eugene Yun Quan
152020Comparative investigation on selective laser sintering and multi jet fusion of polyamide 12Loo, Jordan Yong Xing
162020Mechanical properties of polyamide 12 fabricated by selective laser sintering and multi jet fusionNg, Qinxuan
172020Development of a carbon fiber/polyamide 12 composite via selective laser sinteringOh, Chan Yong
182020Development of (TiB + TiN)/Ti composites via selective laser meltingKoh, Benjamin Jia Yuan
192020Wear modelling of a rail-wheel systemLim, Darren Wei Xiang
2020223D printing of thermoplastic polyurethane TPMS structures via selective laser sinteringLee, Jia Shin
212021Effect of fiber length on the mechanical properties of multi jet fusion-printed glass fiber/polyamide 12 compositesLeong, Kah Kit
222021Compression characteristics of AlSi10Mg functionally graded gyroid and primitive lattice structuresOng, Benny Jun Hao
232022Microstructural inhomogeneity of a 3D-printed nickel aluminium bronzeTan, Yi Xuan
242021Development of electrically conductive thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposite powders for 3D printingTan, Yong Jing
252020Numerical analysis for elastohydrodynamic lubrication contact of rolling elements in trainsRao, Etienne Jie Xiang
262020Condition based gearbox maintenance for industry 4.0Dwarakesh, Chandrasekar
272020Investigation of a nickel aluminium bronze alloy fabricated by directed energy deposition additive manufacturingChiam, Jay-Sen
282021Effect of heat treatment on the corrosion behaviour of bronze alloys printed by laser metal depositionTiew, Jia Jing
Results 1-28 of 28 (Search time: 0.051 seconds).


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