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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Real time intelligent control of a humanoidTan, Teck Chin
22009Penguin on a chipRisal Muhammed Kizhakel Nasar
32011Continuous high-speed climbing control and leg mechanism for stair-climbing vehicleFu, Zhe
42016Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amp Using Local Charge PumpNg, Rui Qi
52011Surface photo-response of nanostructure metal oxides using high vacuum kelvin probe techniqueLiu, Mengping
62010Marker-based hand gesture interaction systemGoh, Chong Yang
72008Design and implementation of vibrational spectroscopy analysisWeng, Zaishan
82007Planar helix in a waveguide (miniaturization of microwave components)Koustuban, Ravi
92015Development of a mobile grocery shopping applicationZhang, Jiaheng
102016Design and Development of a SG50 GameFang, Lina
112007Design 1.3 um GaAsSbN/GaAs quantum well laser diodeDong, Bin
122016Investigation of the effect of dead space on frequency response of Avalanche PhotodiodesHeng, Jillian Swee Teng
132013TiO2 rutile-anatase core-shell nanorod and nanotube arrays for photocatalytic applicationsPan, Lei
142014Master oscillator power amplifier(MOPA) fiber laserGuo, Mingzhe
152009Low loss splicing methods of photonic crystal fibre and single mode fibreNg, Jun Yang
162017Development of Smart Home System for NTU Hall ResidentsChan, Zhen Yue
172015Pixelated-core large pitch optical fibre designGuo, Mingzhe
182008RF charging circuit design and implementationTay, Zhi Xiong
192013Autonomous control of an unmanned areial vehicle (UAV)Fu, Zhe
202016A guiding light for silicon chipLim, Kelvin Hong Ann
212011Low voltage adiabatic circuits with 2N2P charge recovery logicChen, Xiangchen
222009DC-DC converters for portable applicationsSng, Chin Guan
232011Quantum-dot-sensitized solar cellsPan, Lei
242009Electromagnetic vector sensorsAn, Delie
252008Absorbance detection in aqueous solutions using mPOFDing, Zejun
262016Noise-Like Pulses Evolution in Mode-Locked Fibre LasersGuo, Mingzhe
272014Modeling of distance related range error of TDOA based UWB RFID indoor positioning systemZhang, Lian
282010Image processing of robotic eyesDeng, Xin
292014Development of a smart projector systemFang, Lina
302014CAREFREE HEART : a wearable ECG system for real-time heart monitoringZheng, Kaixi
312021Design and verification for surface electrode openings of ion trap for scalable quantum computingPutra, Nicholas Kenneth Naga
322008Development of micro-lens array for indoor optical wireless communicationXu, Cong
332009A novel side-pumping coupler for high-power fiber laserLiu, Bing
342012Augmentable : seamless table-top projection interfaceGoh, Chong Yang
352010Phase-sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensor based on interferometric configurationZhang, Shuyan
362010Synthetic aperture radar image process and analysisWen, Bihan
372014Long period grating single mode fiber : tapered LPG device as refractive index sensingZhang, Bo
382010Face detection and recognition for DoCaRoLiu, Yiying
392011Plasmonics coupling in a twin-core photonic crystal fiberZhang, Shuyan
402016Direct Si-Si bonding through self-assembled monolayersEow, Desmond Fu Shen
412009Design of MOF based surface plasmon resonance sensorsPan, Shanshan
422008Novel nano-structured material for indoor air quality controlZhang, Li
432012Brain activity study on olfactory stimulation via electroencephalographyHo, Melvin Weiyuan
442007Music through multimediaVu, Quang Vinh
452020Distributed wireless power and data transmission for a network of neural nodes in the brainPutra, Nicholas Kenneth Naga
462012Long period microfiber grating : tapered microfiber LPG device as refractive index sensingZhang, Bo
472007Nano-structured metal oxide composite for photocatalysis applicationsZhang, Chen
482010Stress studies on Ti and TiN interlayer in (100) silicon wafersTay, Stephen En Rong
492012Imaging fiber design for medical applicationsZhang, Meng
502008Methods and technologies for high quality medical ultrasound imagingSun, Zhuoxin
Results 1-50 of 53 (Search time: 0.077 seconds).