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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Selective methane oxidation on MoO3/SiO2Wang, Hongru
22013Metal-enhanced fluorescence in liposomes for photothermal studiesLee, Elizabeth Mei Yin
32009Template carbon for H2 storageTeo, Wei Suong
42008Self-cleaning materials for sustainable buildings : rare-earth ions modified titania photocatalystChuah, Lawrence Hong Kai
52017Biodegradable gel-emulsion for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applicationsNovenia, Oerip Ariyani
62012Towards sustainable preparation of oral solid dosage form of drug nanoparticlesJia, Tong
72015Rational engineering of yeast to develop biosensorsCheng, Penghui
82014Developing a 2D in-vitro bone model for cancer metastasisSia, Ming Wei
92013Development of low-cost biodegradable polymer from Crustacean shellsOoi, Ying Ying
102014Self-assembled curcumin-PAH nanoplex with enhanced solubilityZhang, Jie
112009Synthesis and application of novel β-CD derivatives as chiral stationary phases for supercritical fluid chromatographyLiu, Maolong
122008Identification of functional motifs in HBX genotype D and their roles in cellular processesLee, Kar Kei
132012Modify the "vault" for a better drug delivery capsuleMao, Ning
142009A non-sodium synthesis of highly ordered V-MCM-41 and its catalytic application in isomerizationLi, Lusi
152017Microfluidic Platform for Investigating Prostate Cancer MetastasisNg, Wei Kai
162016Development of a renewable next-generation battery using S. oneidensisLi, Fanxiang
172015If cells could speak, what would they say? Live interrogation of cell expression in cultureSahaana, Tamilselvan
182007Assessment and modeling of oxygen tension in porous structures and engineered tissue constructsGerard, Nathanael Adrianus
192010Carbon nanotube supported bimetallic catalysts for selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehydeLi, Lusi
202019Bronsted acid mediated Z-selective synthesis of phenylethylidene indoles from 3-diazooxindolesWang, Xinzhu
212011Aqueous re-dispersibility of spray-dried antibiotic-loaded PLGA nanoparticle aggregates for inhaled anti-biofilm therapyWang, Yajie
222017Next‐generation Gene Silencers for Cancer ImmunotherapyNg, Aik Seng
232007Synthesis and characterization of chitosan : poly (ethylene glycol) hydrogelsMayas, Singh
242007Nano-bioceramic for gene deliveryZhao, Rong Rong
252008Synthesis of metal-organic framework membranesNg, Zhen Fu
Results 1-25 of 25 (Search time: 0.078 seconds).


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