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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Coordinative Polymers with Fullerene : Exploring Synthesis and Potential ApplicationsOoi, Eric Chong Yih
22014Merging of gold and semiconductor at nanoscaleKamysbayev Vladislav
32018Identification of carcinogenic proteins in processed foodChua, Zoey Jia Yu
42009Cryptanalysis of lattice-based digital signature schemeTan, Ming Ming
52020Dynamic programming approach to the robust principal-agent problemSheng, Shunan
62015Effects of nanowire geometry on skyrmion dynamicsFook, Hiu Tung
72008Mn-based water oxidation catalyst as a functional model for the photosystem IIPan, Ming
82010E/Z-Selective preparation of vinylsilanes by using Rh-catalystElvy, Riani Wanjaya
92010Development of new organocatalytic reactionsYu, Peiyuan
102021Forecasting prices of alternative assetsSamay, Panwar
112009De novel synthesis of TamifluLuo, Xiaozhou
122013Effects of F’, F-ANA and LNA modification on the stability of DNA G-quadruplexLi, Zhe
132011Green technology : green glycosylation promoted by reusable biomass carbonaceous solid acidMeigi, Soesanto
142012Light-operated rotaxanes on grapheneLi, Xing
152008Open cases for cyclic difference sets : application of weil numbersTan, Ming Ming
162011Effects of LNA modification on the stability and structure of DNA G-quadruplexLi, Zhe
172017Gold-Antimony Nanoclusters for Oxidation CatalysisSeah, Eliora Wan Yin
182014Fabrication and characterizations of magnetic nanostructuresWong, Shawn De Wei
192021XGBoost, mordred and RDKit for the prediction of glass transition temperature of polymersGoh, Kai Leong
202016Flip-Flop SR Latch Logic Operation for Spin Orbit Torque-Magnetic Tunnel Junction CircuitryLoy, Desmond Jia Jun
212007Screening combinatorial libraries to aid in total defense : developing sensors for chemical weapons and explosivesChen, Ming Wei
222020Development of new heterogeneous vanadium photocatalysts for C-C activation reactionsGoh, Kai Leong
232016Macromolecular Architectural Control via New Polymer SyntheticSeah, Eliora Wan Yin
Results 1-23 of 23 (Search time: 0.104 seconds).


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