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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Shedding light on avoided disasters: measuring the invisible benefits of disaster risk management using probabilistic counterfactual analysisRabonza, Maricar ; Lallemant, David; Lin, Yolanda C.; Tadepalli, Sanjana; Wagenaar, Dennis; Nguyen, Michele; Choong, Jeanette; Liu, Celine Jia Ni; Sarica, Gizem Mestav; Widawati, Bernadeti Ausie Miranda; Balbi, Mariano; Khan, Feroz; Loos, Sabine; Lim, Tian Ning
22015Changing shapes and implied viscosities of suspended submicron particlesZhang, Y.; Sanchez, M. S.; Douet, C.; Wang, Y.; Bateman, A. P.; Gong, Z.; Kuwata, Mikinori; Renbaum-Wolff, L.; Sato, B. B.; Liu, P. F.; Bertram, A. K.; Geiger, F. M.; Martin, S. T.
32014Nicoya earthquake rupture anticipated by geodetic measurement of the locked plate interfaceProtti, Marino; González, Victor; Newman, Andrew V.; Dixon, Timothy H.; Malservisi, Rocco; Owen, Susan E.; Schwartz, Susan Y.; Marshall, Jeffrey S.; Feng, Lujia; Walter, Jacob I.
4 2012The role of sea-level rise, monsoonal discharge and the palaeo-landscape in the early Holocene evolution of the Pearl River delta, southern ChinaZong, Yongqiang; Huang, Kangyou; Yu, Fengling; Zheng, Zhuo; Switzer, Adam D.; Huang, Guangqing; Wang, Ning; Tang, Min
52009Co-seismic ruptures of the 12 May 2008, Ms 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake, Sichuan : East–west crustal shortening on oblique, parallel thrusts along the eastern edge of TibetLiu-Zeng, J.; Zhang, Z.; Wen, L.; Sun, J.; Xing, X.; Hu, G.; Xu, Q.; Zeng, L.; Ding, L.; Ji, C.; Hudnut, K. W.; van der Woerd, J.; Tapponnier, Paul
62014Active tectonics and earthquake potential of the Myanmar regionWang, Yu; Sieh, Kerry; Tun, Soe Thura; Lai, Kuang-Yin; Myint, Than
7 2012Stratigraphic evidence for an early Holocene earthquake in Aceh, IndonesiaGrand Pre, Candace A.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Kelsey, Harvey M.; Rubin, Charles M.; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Daryono, Mudrik R.; Rosenberg, Gary.; Culver, Stephen J.
82011Using the spectral scaling exponent for validation of quantitative precipitation forecastsPurnawirman, P.; Bhatt, B. C.; Cheung, K. K. W.; Teo, C. K.; Lee, Y. H.; Roth, Matthias; Koh, Tieh-Yong
92021Adjoint-state traveltime tomography for azimuthally anisotropic media and insight into the crustal structure of central California near ParkfieldTong, Ping
102022Moho complexity in Southern California revealed by local PmP and teleseismic Ps wavesLi, Tianjue; Yao, Jiayuan; Wu, Shucheng; Xu, Mijian; Tong, Ping
112016Anthropogenic platinum group element (Pt, Pd, Rh) concentrations in PM10 and PM2.5 from Kolkata, IndiaDiong, Huey Ting; Das, Reshmi; Khezri, Bahareh; Srivastava, Bijayen; Wang, Xianfeng; Sikdar, Pradip K.; Webster, Richard David
122017Temperature and burning history affect emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosol particles from tropical peatland fireKuwata, Mikinori; Kai, Fuu Ming; Yang, Liudongqing; Itoh, Masayuki; Gunawan, Haris; Harvey, Charles F.
132017Water uptake by fresh Indonesian peat burning particles is limited by water-soluble organic matterChen, Jing; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Itoh, Masayuki; Lee, Wen-Chien; Miyakawa, Takuma; Komazaki, Yuichi; Yang, Liu Dong Qing; Kuwata, Mikinori
14 2012Effects of the cold tongue in the South China Sea on the monsoon, diurnal cycle and rainfall in the maritime continentKoseki, Shunya; Koh, Tieh-Yong; Teo, Chee-Kiat
152015Theory of the norm-induced metric in atmospheric dynamicsKoh, Tieh-Yong; Wan, F.
16 2022Depth-dependent crustal azimuthal anisotropy in the Salton Trough, southern CaliforniaLiu, Yongsheng; Wu, Shucheng; Tong, Ping
17 2013Isentropic primitive equations for the moist troposphereLee, Shao-Yi; Koh, Tieh-Yong
182014Borneo vortex and mesoscale convective rainfallKoseki, Shunya; Koh, Tieh Yong; Teo, Chee Kiat
19 2012A synthesis and review of the geological evidence for palaeotsunamis along the coast of southeast Australia : the evidence, issues and potential ways forwardSwitzer, Adam D.; Courtney, Claire; Dominey-Howes, Dale; Goff, James; Chagué-Goff, Catherine; McFadgen, Bruce
2020171-octanol-water partitioning as a classifier of water soluble organic matters: Implication for solubility distributionKuwata, Mikinori; Lee, Wen-Chien
21 2012Preparing for coastal changeZong, Yongqiang; Switzer, Adam D.; Sloss, Craig R.; Horton, Benjamin P.
22 2021New insights into the structural heterogeneity and geodynamics of the Indo-Burma subduction zone from ambient noise tomographyWu, Shucheng; Yao, Jiayuan; Wei, Shengji; Hubbard, Judith; Wang, Yu; Htwe, Yin Myo Min; Thant, Myo; Wang, Xin; Wang, Kai; Liu, Tianshi; Liu, Qinya; Tong, Ping
232010Measuring radon flux across active faults : relevance of excavating and possibility of satellite dischargesRichon, Patrick; Klinger, Yann; Tapponnier, Paul; Li, Chen-Xia; Van Der Woerd, Jerome; Perrier, Frédéric
242011Teleconnection between Australian winter temperature and Indian summer monsoon rainfallLee, Soo-Ying; Koh, Tieh Yong
252011Statistical dynamics of tropical wind in radiosonde dataDjamil, Y. S.; Teo, C. K.; Koh, Tieh Yong.
262022Complex patterns of past and ongoing crustal deformations in Southern California revealed by seismic azimuthal anisotropyWu, Shucheng; Jiang, Chengxin; Schulte‐Pelkum, Vera; Tong, Ping
27 2021Seismic velocity and anisotropy tomography of southern SumatraLiu, Yongsheng; Suardi, Iman; Huang, Xueyuan; Liu, Shaolin; Tong, Ping
28 2022Lower crust structures and dynamics of southern California revealed by first P and PmP traveltime dataWu, Shucheng; Li, Tianjue; Wang, Dongdong; Tong, Ping
29 2022Imaging the upper 10 km crustal shear-wave velocity structure of central Myanmar via a joint inversion of P-wave polarizations and receiver functionsYao, Jiayuan; Wu, Shucheng; Li, Tianjue; Bai, Yiming; Xiao, Xiao; Hubbard, Judith; Wang, Yu; Thant, Myo; Tong, Ping
302012Teleconnection between Australian winter temperature and Indian summer monsoon rainfallLee, Soo-Ying; Koh, Tieh Yong
312020On waveform correlation measurement uncertainty with implications for temporal changes in inner core seismic wavesLythgoe, Karen H.; Inggrid, Maria I.; Yao, Jiayuan
322021Adjoint-state traveltime tomography : eikonal equation-based methods and application to the Anza area in southern CaliforniaTong, Ping
Results 1-32 of 32 (Search time: 0.325 seconds).


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